"Marrdro" wrote:
"NodakPaul" wrote:
"Marrdro" wrote:
The whole "Sell out Streak" is a sham.
Yes and no... There have indeed been 119 sellouts, dating back tot he last game of the 1997 season.
However, four times we had to have a local company buy out the last remaining group of tickets.

In the end, all of the tickets needed were sold and used.
But, I know what you are getting at.
I am getting at nothing I guess. My little poke was directed at Z.
I like to fun with him on that little subject.
Alas, he didn't bite.

He must be on to me.

;D ;D ;D ;D
I don't see any poke there.
It is a sham - who ever said it wasn't?