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    Re: 11-1

    "mcilrath" wrote:
    I don't see the Vikings winning much with Tice in charge. All of their woes seem to relate to coaching:

    1. Penalties. Those come from a lack of discipline which should be instilled by the coaches. These aren't aggressive penalties we're getting. We're getting "my head's not in the game" penalties.

    2. Injuries. Injuries often are caused by poor conditioning & lack of preparedness. You get hurt when you're tired, when you're not paying attention, & when you're not where you're supposed to be.

    3. Turnovers. Am I the only guy in the world sees that Culpepper consistently throws behind his receivers? He always has. Isn't there a coach who can show Culpepper how to lead a receiver? Or spot an open receiver, for that matter.

    4. We don't really have an offensive coordinator.

    5. We're calling offensive plays by committee.

    6. Now we're hiring coaches (consultants) for our coaches.

    I can't figure out what Tice thinks on the sidelines--about basic stuff. For example, against Cincinnati, the came is lost, your quarterback has a hurt knee, he's thrown several interceptions & had a couple fumbles. You have Brad Johnson as a back up. Do you pull your hurt quarterback and put in Johnson? No. You leave your hurt quartback in the game, AND you attempt an onside kick and call several time-outs to keep your hurt quartback on the field longer, even though you have no hope of winning.

    Same story in Atlanta. He knows Culpepper is hurt & the game is lost, but he leaves him in the game to take nine sacks. What's the thought process there?

    We might make the playoffs, but it's going to be a long season.

    The injury thing, I disagree with that, I have played football for 6 or 7 years now, through pop warner, and now my school and I have noticed that most injuries are result of stupid mistakes, or guys not staying on their feet. If someone is on the ground, for whatever reason, it's like a 5-6 foot long, 1 foot high road block for anyone to trip over. And other injuries come from playing hard. Conditioning does not have anything to do with injuries. Now that I read your post again, I noticed I kind of did just agree with you, about everything but the conditioning part.

    Great post btw, I agree with almost all of it, Im supposed to be writing an essay right now... so, later.

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    Re: 11-1

    "sdvikefan" wrote:
    "VKG4LFE" wrote:
    The Bucs game was ours on that last drive, that pick really killed us.
    Agreed...and on top of it, Cadillac gets garbage yards and TD to inflate his stats as a result.

    But even though the teams we lost to are good, we got absolutely mauled by two of them. If the Vikings had it together, those would have at least been close games.
    I agree we should have one this game. TB is overrated.

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