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    Re: 10 Vikings To Watch

    Sir, that was a great read, thank you.
    You should be writing for some MN News Papers....



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    Re: 10 Vikings To Watch

    "StillPurple" wrote:
    My take:

    - Will Adrian Peterson continue to be bottled up by the stacked box (as he was in games 12 through 16 of the 2007 regular season), or will the MN off. coordinator and coach be able to get him in space ?
    yes, but it's not the coaches it's up to the QB.
    TJ's gotta see the run blitzes, check off, and make them pay.
    Hit a TE on a quick slant, in a place where he can pick up YAC's, and burn them for 20+ a few times and they will back off.
    This requires reading D's, decision making, and accuracy, will TJ be up to the challenge?

    "StillPurple" wrote:
    - Will the Vikings develop an underneath passing game, or will it continue to be absent as it was in 2007 ?
    Again it's up to TJ to do his progressions quickly and the receivers to read and react to the defenders.
    It hurts a bit to have BB in as it's another WR TJ needs to develop chemistry with.
    Hopefully, TJ will progress with Shiancoe, Wade, and AD in receiving in the off season.
    I think he's got something going with Rice already.
    For TJ to excel the Vikes need to settle on the starting WR's, new starting WR's and TE's don't help a young QB.

    "StillPurple" wrote:
    - Will Allen be as devastating as people think ? (I tend to think so...)
    He's next to PW (62 tackles 2 sacks) and KW (38 tackles 3 sacks) compared to being next to A. Boone (25 tackles, 1 sack) and
    R. Edwards (26 tackles and 3 sacks) in KC.

    That's 100 tackles 5 sacks vs. 52 tackles 4 sacks....
    Allen is either going to have a fantastic season or the Williams are going to a new level.
    I'll be very happy if the 3 match the 1993 Vikes D-line of
    C. Doleman 12.5 sacks - J. Randle 12.5 sacks - H. Thomas 9 sacks productivity.

    "StillPurple" wrote:
    - Will Tarvaris settle down and not be so nervous and panicked ?
    Anyone's guess.
    IMO he needs to show everyone that he can win a big game.
    NOT let AD get 200+yds and he ends up with a QB rating under 100.
    If TJ can beat the GB on MNF, with a 90+ QB rating, I think all those nerves will go away permanantly.
    Coming from a second tier college program and never won a national high pressure game, he is still questioning himself as we all are too.
    Everything will be great if he plays good in that game!
    The Colts game doesn't mean half as much as beating your division rivals on the road with the whole nation watching the first MNF game of the season.
    Might be a lot of pressure for a young QB, but for the Viking QB I want, it shouldn't be a problem.

    "StillPurple" wrote:
    - Will Rice and Berrian give us a deep threat ?
    Where... oh... where... will the FS go? When the SS is playing the run and Berrian and Rice are running posts?
    The answer is "crazy", can't cover deep on both sides of the field.
    The answer to your question is YES, they will if the O line can buy enough time.
    We would have a deep threat
    last year if it wasn't for Troy "hands of stone" Williamson

    Page 148.5 **Doleman 150.5 **Randle 137.5 **Allen 73+

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