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    Re: 10 Reasons Why I Like Childress More Each Season

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "dfosterf" wrote:
    In the first game between the Vikes and Pack, AP had what, 12 carries for a 112 yards, yet if my memory serves me correctly, Minn pretty much abandons the run game in 2nd half.
    We (GBP fans) don't get it, but will definitely take it, and attribute it to the Gods and/or Childress.
    Again, my memory fades on this, so please refresh my memory and enlighten me on that decision.
    Does your memory remember the score?

    There are times when running is an option (game is close or you are ahead) and there are times when running isn't an option (you are behind and the clock is running out).

    Childress abandonded the run early, and then the Vikings got down by 14 in the 4th quarter.

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    Re: 10 Reasons Why I Like Childress More Each Season

    The number one reason I liked him when he was inked was because he wasn't Mike Tice and he actually worked his way up through the ranks and got a chance at being an HC.

    Now I am still optimistic, the team going on the field this year is a team.
    Childress held to his promise of working on the lines, the first words uttered by him regarding his plans of building the team.

    Many still go with the 'fluff' play calling diatribe.
    I don't buy into that spiel.
    I buy into the player's execution of the scheme.
    Now, that brings in a circuitous argument....yeah, but the HC is responsible for the player's execution.
    It all comes with experience and the team is on track more than any team I have seen in a long time.

    Can Childress win in a coaching chess match in the playoffs?
    I know I have more confidence in his abilities to win in a coaching chess match than any coach the Vikings have had since the Grant era.
    Yes, I'm going out on a limb with that comment because there is no history to prove it.
    I'm going on gut instinct, which doesn't mean shit.

    So, I remain cautiously optimistic.
    This year, in my opinion, is the first year since Childress became HC where he has his team.
    The QB is still green, but appears to be progressing.
    The O and D lines have been improved by an order of magnitude and it will be fun to watch them this year.
    It is a good time to be a Viking fan.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: 10 Reasons Why I Like Childress More Each Season

    Cojo, you put a lot of thought into the post and made some very good points, but I have to say I don't think that you can give Chiller the majority of the credit for alot of the points.

    1. Sure he's truthful, he doesn't really say much.
    He's almost a politician on most comments using platitudes and euphamisms.

    2. I'll agree on this one, he's definitely improved here.

    3., 5., 8. I have to wonder how much he's involved in player - personnel decisions.
    I think Rob Brzezinski, Rick Spielman, and Scott Studwell have alot to add to decisions.
    Unlike Dennis Green who ran the draft room and made most of the aquisition decisions and deserved the praise (Moss) and blame (Underwood).

    4. I think there are times where emotion helps motivate teams, ala Cowher, Gruden, Parcells.
    I will agree that emotion isn't a long haul solution for a dynasty, but it is useful in taking a team over the hump to the Super Bowl.
    Dungy is a good coach and very even tempered and that's what stopped him in getting to the SB in Tampa.
    Insert Gruden and instant SB.
    How many years with the Colts in the AFC Championship before he got them over the top?

    6. I think all coaches have faith in their players to a point.
    But you can't have "blind faith" either.
    If there is a better player you should get them period.
    I think Green Bay is going to feel the effects of having too much faith in Rodgers.

    7. I don't know if this has anything to do with Chiller, it's more based on the players, AD, Allen, William's, Birk, Hutch, Winfield, Sharper, Henderson, etc.

    9. I think it was a organization decision after the "Loveboat", stairwell sex, Whizzinator, Robinson, etc. to crack down on this.
    Probably a mandate from Zygi more than Chiller.

    10. Old cliche, "Nice guys finish last"... I would not call Bill Belichick, Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, Bill Parcells, etc. "Nice Guys"

    I really could care less what the Chiller does off the field, as lots of other people are also involved in these decisions.

    What I need Chiller to do to make me believe in him is all during the game where he has true control:
    1. Execute a game plan that controls the game from the start, not reacts.
    2. If you aren't controlling the game, then make adjustments to get the control back.
    Don't keep trying the same stuff when it's not working i.e. run on first down over and over again.
    3. Make decent challenges.
    He's made some real boneheaded ones.
    4. What it all comes down to is "Winning games".
    Chiller can be great at ALL ten of your points but if he doesn't have a winning season this year he will most likely be looking for a job.
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    Re: 10 Reasons Why I Like Childress More Each Season

    I catch heat all the time for liking what he is doing with this team.
    Good post Cojomay!

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