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    10 minicamp story lines to watch

    Chadiha: 10 minicamp story lines to watch

    By Jeffri Chadiha

    10. Which team should be most excited about its playoff chances after missing the postseason in 2007?

    Minnesota. Vikings head coach Brad Childress says there's a lot of optimism in his locker room these days. The addition of Pro Bowl defensive end Jared Allen means a sturdy front seven now has a proven pass-rusher. The offense still has Adrian Peterson, a strong offensive line and a young quarterback (Tarvaris Jackson) with another year of experience. Oh yeah, did we mention that Brett Favre called it a career in Green Bay? At the very least, the Vikings should be thinking about claiming the NFC North title this season.
    Rosie O'Donnell is a dude!

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    Re: 10 minicamp story lines to watch

    Thanks for the read.

    5. How much will this offseason enhance Aaron Rodgers' ability to lead the Packers into the post-Favre era?

    Plenty. Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy has made it clear that the Packers are Rodgers' team, but Rodgers still has to prove he's ready to lead. The fact is that his primary pressure won't involve succeeding Brett Favre. It will be ensuring that a team that won 13 games and came within one victory of reaching the Super Bowl won't decline this season. Rodgers has everything a young quarterback could want -- a strong running game, a quality offensive line, play-making receivers and a talented defense. This is the time of year when he can show his teammates he won't be a weak link -- and that he's not merely holding a job for second-round pick Brian Brohm to take in a few years.
    I look forward to watching him fail.

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    Re: 10 minicamp story lines to watch

    ahh minicamp storylines... that can only mean one thing. football is on the way!
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: 10 minicamp story lines to watch

    i can almost hear the whistles of early camps.. coaches yelling.. and players joking..

    the story lines will be getting more and more dramatic until we hit the pre-season..

    then.. we get to see.. action..


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