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    Re: Zeus's FF draft - take your shots!

    "Zeus" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    Not bad.
    As stated, hard to judge how you did without knowing who was on the board when you picked.

    Barber had alot of TD's last year.
    AD might get you yards.

    Good luck.
    Keep us updated.
    If AP can do the blitz pickups, I honestly feel like he'll be starting ahead of Chester by Week 6 or so.
    I can see him at 1000/10 TDs by season's end, and I'll take that.

    That's why I picked up AD in my draft. Although, not as early as you did. I feel that C-Tay will get less & less carries as the season progresses if AD shines.

    I have my starters Parker & Evans ahead of him, so I am not worried.

    Because Chester Taylor was available in the 15th round, I snatched him as well. If either of them, God forbid, goes down with an injury, the other one will be getting the lions share of the load.

    AD could esily have one hell of a year & I'm glad he's on my team.

    I like the Barber pick & was going to grab him, but someone snatched him just before I picked.

    He didn't get a ton of carries or yards last year, but when they got in the redzone, he was given the ball. Thus the 14 TD's he racked up.

    Yards are nice, but they won't get you as many points as a TD will in my league.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Zeus's FF draft - take your shots!

    "Zeus" wrote:
    Okay - had the draft for the Yahoo league I run.
    12 teams (for the first time - a few years back we had TWENTY (!!) teams), start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 D, 1 K, no position requirements on bench players.

    I know it's tough to evaluate a draft w/out knowing what players were on the board.
    Some dude took the Vikes D in the 8th, or I woulda grabbed them then.

    The Gods of Football
    Round Pick Player Position
    1. (10) Peyton Manning QB
    2. (15) Marvin Harrison WR
    3. (34) Adrian Peterson RB
    4. (39) Marion Barber III RB
    5. (58) Plaxico Burress WR
    6. (63) DeAngelo Williams RB
    7. (82) Kellen Winslow TE
    8. (87) Santana Moss WR
    9. (106) DeShaun Foster RB
    10. (111) Anthony Gonzalez WR
    11. (130) J.P. Losman QB
    12. (135) Stephen Gostkowski K
    13. (154) Buffalo DEF
    14. (159) Dominic Rhodes RB

    With only 12 teams, lots of options to add/drop and stuff, so I can play the "best available DEF matchup" game all season.

    I'm reasonably satisfied, but I'm kinda dependent on AD and Barber putting up some bigger numbers than most expect.
    And, in my league, my starters scored 145 points - I'm leading my opposition by 69 points heading into tonight and he only has Houshmandzadeh going.

    Rock on, big Z!


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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