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    who should i start??

    I have a little delema. Who should I start in week 5.

    Stephen Davis @ Ari
    Brian Westbrook @ Dal
    Deuce McAllister

    I can start 2/3 of those, and also, I have tomlinson who I start each week (obviously). So pick 2/3 of those guys!


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    Re: who should i start??

    Davis and McAllister

    Westbrook might be out, I think he hurt some ribs??? If it is just ribs, he might be able to play through it, but you always run that risk of only playing for 2 quarters or none. If they kick Dallas early, you might not see Westbrook in the game anymore. It works both ways you never know if one of the other 2 won't sustain an injury in their games but with Westbrook, you already know he is injured. I have had players that play well with pain, I can't tell you if he is one of them, we don't even know if he will play.

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    Re: who should i start??

    Definately Davis!

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