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    The Weekend Warriors Wedgie - Week 1 - Warriors vs Hammers

    The week 1 results are in, and frankly, this one was painful to watch.
    The Weekend Warriors coached by BP&G just handed the ThorSPL Hammers a devastating and demoralizing defeat, 145 to 75.
    The 70 point blowout was only topped by the Wolves defeat over the Conquerors in which the Conquerors failed to even field a team.
    At this point, the Hammers probably wish they had done the same!

    The Warriors got off to a slow start in their kicking game with Bironas missing 2 early field goals (finished with 5 pts), but behind the play of a dominating defense (Eagles, 39 pts) and an electrifying aerial display from receivers Larry Fitzgerald (19 pts) and Reggie Wayne (32 pts, #1 receiver in week 1) as well as tight end Chris Cooley (19 pts) the game was quickly out of reach for the Hammers.
    No late day heroics were required by Phillip Rivers (15 pts).
    One area the Warriors will look to improve upon is their rushing game which was not as stellar as hoped.
    Darren McFadden (13 pts) managed to find a few gaps in the defense but Chris Wells (3 pts) was a complete disappointment filling in for the injured 4th round pick, Pierre Thomas.
    After the game, some members of the media asked why Coach BP&G didn’t give Trent Edwards (20 pts) the nod to start at QB and he jokingly replied, “I was trying to keep it close!”
    Don’t be surprised if Edwards does get the nod in week 2 (vs Tampa Bay) over Rivers (vs Baltimore).

    The Hammers’ head coaching seat definitely got warmer after this one.
    Even Tom Brady’s (25 pts) late surge couldn’t even bring the score back to respectable.
    The Hammers’ rushing attack was completely stifled as both Felix Jones (3 pts) and Steve Slaton (8 pts) were completely shut down in week 1.
    The passing attack didn’t fare much better with 3rd round choice Eddie Royal (3 pts) and Dallas Clark (7 pts) both turning in poor performances.
    The lone bright spot was the play of new receiver TJ Housmanzadeh (10 pts) but without getting into the end zone he won’t be an effective starter for the Hammers.
    After the game many questioned the coaches decision to leave Fred Jackson (27 pts) and Mary Clayton (18 pts) on the bench.
    While going with flashy high draft picks is generally considered a sound move early in the season, these 2, picked in the 11th and 13th rounds respectively, may end up being steals in the draft.
    Lineup changes are definitely expected next week after this embarrassing loss.

    After the game, Coach BP&G seemed pleased with the way the team played but made it clear more is expected.
    To emphasize the point, the Warriors released Rookie RB Donald Brown and WR Josh Morgan.
    The two players were replaced with RB Kevin Faulk, who is expected to have a resurgent year now that he’s healthy, and TE Jeremy Shockey, released earlier in the week by the Fighting Gamecocks.
    Coach BP&G was quoted as saying, “we are always evaluating, searching the waivers, looking for ways to improve the team, the depth… add additional explosiveness and create mismatches.
    Both of these players give this team the dynamic play making we are looking for and give us a lot of options going forward.”
    Kevin Faulk and a healthy Pierre Thomas should definitely help the Warriors improve on their rushing numbers from week 1 and the combination of Chris Cooley and Jeremy Shockey will likely have opposing teams quivering.

    Looking forward, the Warriors’ next opponent will be Shanking_You who didn’t fare much better than the Warriors’ week 1 opponent only posting 78 points.
    With high draft picks, Brandon Jacobs and Bernard Berrian, benched in week 1 and starting QB Donovan McNabb injured, this team definitely has issues.
    McNabb’s injury is minimized with Joe Flacco on the bench and playing well (28 pts to McNabb’s 18 pts) but the the Shanking_You coach will definitely have some interesting decisions to make in week 2.
    Will 2nd rounder Jacobs (10 pts in week 1) get the nod over Willie Parker after Parker’s disappointing week 1 (4 pts)?
    Is Berrian going to be healthy enough to play or will he be forced to start DeSean Jackson again even after his disappointing performance (5 pts)?
    Dustin Keller (13 pts) looked to be a popular target in week 1.
    Will he get the nod over Kevin Boss (9 pts) in week 2?
    The most sure change is at kicker were Josh Brown (0 pts) failed to make a single kick and kicker Seabastian Janikowski (8 pts) was making kicks from everywhere!

    The Warriors will likely field a team similar to week 1 depending on the health of Pierre Thomas and the QB decision that is made.
    Jeremy Shockey will likely ride the pine this week with a tough opponent on the calendar (vs Philly).
    The Warriors are thrilled to be playing football (okay, fantasy) again and look forward to a 2nd dominating victory in week 2.

    [size=8pt]The Wedgie is a local and completely fictional publication but intends to follow each of the Warriors' games this year with spell binding, albeit often completely fabricated, exaggerated, and overly embellished, accounts of the action from the previous weekend.[/size]
    The true measure of a man is what he'd do knowing he'd never be found out.

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    Re: The Weekend Warriors Wedgie - Week 1 - Warriors vs Hammers


    Trust me, I'm a doctor.

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    Re: The Weekend Warriors Wedgie - Week 1 - Warriors vs Hammers

    "ThorSPL" wrote:
    Well at least you laughed instead of cried
    Did you get your survivor pick right?
    The true measure of a man is what he'd do knowing he'd never be found out.

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