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    Re: Trade help needed

    "VIPER420" wrote:
    I have been offered Brandon Marshall for Reggie Bush. 1 point per reception btw.

    Sorry about the thread jack, i didnt want to make a new thread.
    No problem man, It deserves its own thread
    Others may feel differently, and I guess it depends on your league scoring system, but if you get points for reception and You get a RB who gets alot of receptions I give the advantage to teh RB who will get you points for running as well as catches ect.

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    Re: Trade help needed

    Thats what i was thinking. I have a pretty good running back group and drafted Braylon Edwards early (we all know how thats going) so its just tempting.

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    Re: Trade help needed

    "Garland" wrote:
    Now he counteered with Steven Jackson, instead of LJ, thoughts?
    That's tough.
    you said it was standard scoring so that would mean no PPR?
    If it's not PPR then I would probably do it.
    I am not a fan of Santana Moss - too streaky, may have big games but also may get shut out like last week.
    Steve Smith is the focal point and will always get 5-10 receptions.......

    Jackson does everything for the Rams and will get over 100 combined yards every week....

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