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Thread: Start/Sit???

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    Standard Score league, 1 qb 2 rb 2wr 1 te 1 flex 1 kicker 1 dst

    I'm struggling to pick my WR and RB for the week, I have too many good/high-upside RB and too few good/high-upside WR.

    WR- Percy Harvin, Jacoby Jones, Mike Williams (TB), Greg Camarillo, Sidney Rice(we drafted before Rice had surgery, and he is on my roster still because I can't find anyone worth cutting him)

    RB- Michael Turner, Steven Jackson, Joseph Addai, Brandon Jackson, Brandon Jacobs

    So, Who you start as your two WR, two RB, and one Flex in this situation? :unsure:

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    Re: Start/Sit???

    WR: dude... that's rough. Three Vikings receivers is an awful Idea. I'd be EXTREMELY Hesitent to pick Harvin and Cammy, even though they might be the best two receivers you have, but if you pick both, they'll combine for 3 catches and 21 yards.

    RB: Turner at home vs. Arizona should be a good matchup

    Then Steven Jackson vs. Oakland. Pretty bad Run D against a pretty bad D. They can't stack the box with 9, since aside from Asomugha, their pass D isn't exceptional. Bradford will however get roughed up, and expect a heavy dose of SJ. 27+ carries is my estimate.

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    Re: Start/Sit???

    Go with Jackson,Turner and Jackson as flex

    As for WR ,wow I d take Harvin and Jones,you sholud try trading some of your RB for a decent WR ....
    El underdog.

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    Re: Start/Sit???

    Turner, Jackson, Jackson are all good starts. Read as many reports as you can and combine the information you find. I might gamble and go Jackson x2

    Your WRs are garbage. Drop Carmarillo and Rice right now. Pick up someone like Collie who may be there. Even Mike Williams from seattle is more worthy. Royal in Denver like on waivers. Start Harvin and whatever you can find on waivers.
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