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    So what happens now?

    How is a "champion" being determined in the PurplePride Fantasy Football League? I only rank third in my division, but I'm #2 in the power rankings behind Raped Apes. For that matter, what have we been doing for the last two weeks with no head-to-head matches?

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    WEBBIE! HELP!!! It's Championship Weekend!

    I sure would love for the waivers to be working in the Fantasy Football. I've been trying to pick up some players for the past two weeks and waivers haven't been allowed since a week into the fantasy playoffs. I could see this if waivers weren't allowed at all during the playoffs (even though there should be some warning of this), but waivers were allowed on week 15 - the first week of fantasy playoffs.

    Please Webbie, throw me a bone. I need to have someone on my team actually playing now that I'm in the Championship Game. I don't want to take a big whopping ZERO for one of my positions!

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