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    PHoDs official Fantasy Football guide (for Singer)

    Purple Horns of Destruction's official Fantasy Football guide made specially for Singer.

    Adjust your point system on my statements when needed. For everyone. ;D


    I think your commishioner was a D-Lineman cause he didnt give qbs much love. Quarterbacks in a 50 yards to the point and 3 points to the TD are not your number one option but still a very valuable part of you team. Keep in mind that Peyton Manning scored more points then any player next to LaDainian Tomlinson. I wouldn't shy away from taking him after taking maybe your top 3 runningbacks. LaDainian Tomlinson, Steven Jackson, and Frank Gore(or Shaun Alexandander if you have him rated higher.) Id take Peyton with the 8 pick because he usually lasts that long because most fantasy users will take runningbacks as there primary guy. The only other worthy guy to take as the first second round pick is palmer. If Peyton isnt there Id take a runningback. The wait for your 3 rounder where you can take a guy like Marc Bulger, or possibly Tom Brady or Drew Brees. They are your top 5 guys who will match just about any qb.

    Jon Kitna is a very nice late round steal. He can remarkably go round 7+. He had most yards last year. Second year in Martz system. Attained Calvin Johnson. He'll be a great fantasy qb with very nice numbers. The guys who can be your low end guys are Matt Hasselbeck. Big Ben and Cutler are supposed to break out. Big Bens comeback year. But dont rely on them for your solid starter.
    Phillip Rivers is another lowend guy who in Norvs pass loving offense could produce good numbers.


    Runningback are limited. So you need to take early. In your system they will probably be the main contribributor to your fantasy team. Once you get to a late enough round the best guy available at RB will be Najeh Davenport. So here are my 5 keys to recognizing a good fantasy runningback. A good thing you can do is follow where Steve Hutchinson or big lineman go. Hutchinson goes to Minne Pick Taylor. taylor gets 1500 total yards. When he wa in seattle pick Alexander. MVP ring any bells. Or follow Lorenzo Neal. Thats a fun way of winning.

    Try to stay away from 29+ age runningbacks. Runningbacks tend to go down hill from 29.

    1. Get for you number one back a back who does not split time. splitting time splits your points. Guys like Joseph Addai, Steven Jackon, Edgerrin James, Brian Westbrook, TomlinsonShaun Alexander are good. Shy away from making your starter a guy like Julius Jones, Marion Barber, Adrian Peterson, Chester Taylor,Ladell Betts. They can be olid backup or even #2 though. If you do pick one pick a guy like Maurice Jones Drew who they go to at the goal line for TDs. In your league a RB has to get 150 yards to make up for 1 TD. So you'd rather have Marion Barber with 2 TDs and 35 yards then Julius Jones with 250 yards and 0 TDs in a game, oddly. Keep that in mind.

    2.Get a runningback who belongs to a team with a great pass game. When the defense plays the pass your rungback will run all over them. So get a runningback who is good enough to take advantage of that situation. Guys like Joseph Addai, Steven Jackson, and Rudi Johnson. Those are top end runningbacks and its not much of a coincidence.

    3. Get a guy from a winning team. If a team is winning most games they'll most likely run down the clock. And therefore run the ball. So thats why guy like Joseph Addai, Laurence Maroney, and LaDainian Tomlinson are good guys to have.

    4. Yards aren't the most important category in your system cause you need 25 yards to the point but you want a back will will produce a 3 digit number week to week.Tomlinson Julius Jones, Larry Johnson.

    5. You need 150 yards to match 1 TD so get a back who they like to go to in goal line situations. Guys like Marion Barber, Maurice Jones-Drew and LaDainian Tomlinson.

    Larry Johnson- Shy away from Johnson. He's not looking like a truly beast like last year. I just cant shake the game he had againt the mediocre Colt defense in the wildcard. Hold him to 32 yards. And now he lost Will Sheilds and to top it off Preist Holmes is coming back.

    Wide Receivers

    Wide Receivers are very overrated. A thing to keep in mind is that the 15th best RB Murice Jone Drew put up bigger numbers then the 1st best wide receiver Marvin Harrison. So know where to draw your line. People still take them as early as the late first or the early second round. If you want a star the place to take is mid 2nd where you'll find Steve Smith, Marvin Harrison, Chad Johnson will be taken. In your situation Id take a next tear star like Roy Williams, Torry Holt, Reggie Wayne and so on with your third. Third to forth is when guy in the zone will be taken Fitzgerald and Boldin a well. Reggie Brown is almost a lock as a breakout receiver this year. The #1 option in Philly. He's a great 4th to 5th (prolly fifth in a 8 person league) round steal. A solid #1 fantasy WR. Now there not much of a secret to draft WRs. BPA really.

    Although a big thing I look for is 3rd year breakouts. Many have done it in the past. Reggie Brown comes up again. Vincent Jackson is another guy. Troy Williamson is a stretch but Im hopeful. Braylon Edwards is another guy on my list as well.

    Tight End

    Tight End will go when you got your starters of the above. The only guy worth taking earlier the the 6th is Gates. And someone always takes him way earlier then when hes supposed to. Know where you line is. Anquan Boldin put up bigger numbers then Gates so take Boldin before Gates and after Gates take some where around Moss' rating for the next guy down (Tony G). Jeremy Shockey, Tony G, Chris Cooley, Alge Crumpler and those guys all are about the same to take around the same time. one wont produce big enough numbers more in a given week then the other. Then goes everyone else. Kellen Winslows a great TE when hes healthy. I put him in that ggroup a well. My steal is Vernon Davis. He is a beast. He didn produce last year but I think he'll break out as a tight end.


    Get a kicker that I base on 3 basis. 3 questions

    1. How many attempts did they have last year and makes? Percentage of makes and thing of that sorts Jeff Wilkins STL had the most attempts of any one

    2. How good is there offense. If they score a lot so will there kicker? Wilkins, Vineteiri, Kaeding

    3. Do they they have a bad red zone TD percentage? The more they fail in the red zone the more feild goals they will be forced to kick. Longwell was good for me last year because of that.


    Pick the VIKES. The Purple CUrtain ;D

    Well not much of a trick here. I like to pick a defense thats elite but with crappy offense. That has bad TOP. The longer a defense is on the feild. The better chance they get picks, forced fumbles, etc. Again Vikes Defense comes up.

    Random tip. I like to go after
    contract year players. They tend to work harder and put up big numbers because they know they have to. This year a good one is Bennard Berrian.

    Well I hope this helps. Its all my knowledge and it' my fantasy system.
    "Some Coaches pray for wisdom. I pray for 300 lbs. lineman. They give me plenty of wisdom"
    -Chuck Noll

    R.I.P. Sean Taylor

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    Re: Singer needs Fantasy Football help!

    Thanx for the help guys. I'll do the best I can with what info I have. I'm basing a lot of my picks on the number of TD's/points they put up last year.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Singer needs Fantasy Football help!

    Good luck with your draft Singer.
    With your scoring system backs have far more value than any other position.
    That is typical in most fantasy leagues.
    Take backs with you first two picks, after that I would suggest with your next two picks to take the best QB and the best rated back available.
    You should be able to pick up a 2nd defense off the waiver wire.
    I would not worry too much about drafting a 2nd defense.

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    Re: Singer needs Fantasy Football help!

    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:

    1. Based on my line-up, scoring & draft order, in which round do I pick the certain positions? Do I take a QB, RB, WR, TE or defense first? Order the positions in the order you would take them.

    Generally you try to take a Running Back first. They tend to rack up the most points seeing that they can create by themselves. If you have a late first rounder and Peyton Manning falls into your lap, go for it. Other than that you stick to one of the top 10 RB's in the first round. Second round you could either try to get a quality backup RB (since you'll be starting 2) with some potential or a good QB or WR. So here's a mock draft type thing (don't criticize my picks, this is just for the purpose of showing singer). This is a 12 team league example.

    Round 1, pick 6- Frank Gore
    Round 2- Pick 6- Ronnie Brown
    Round 3- Pick 6- Anquan Boldin
    Round 4 pick 6- Tom Brady
    Round 5, Pick 6- Calvin Johnson
    Round 6, Pick 6- Randy McMichael

    Right there you've made a solid starting lineup. Two good RB's, a solid WR, a sold QB, a solid TE, a WR with potential.

    In an 8 team league it's a bit different. There's gonna be a lot more talent sitting there With the 8th pick you're in a good position to pick up two starting RB's.

    2. How should I divvy up my remaining 8 picks? Is it wise to carry two defenses?

    How many of each position should I carry?

    lots of people carry two D's for their bye week. It all depends on if there's good value late in your draft. If you see Minnesota D sitting there at the end of the draft, hop on it.
    The most important position is probably RB. I would carry 4ish. QB I usually go 2-3 since you can only start 1. WR's you need between 3-5. TE's are not all that important past the best guys in the game so maybe 2. D's and kickers you can carry 1 or 2 with either depending on how you see your bye weeks.

    3. Since a lot of teams carry two backs in rotation, I plan on targeting teams that have a go to RB instead of a tandem set. Do you agree?
    Yes, I agree. Although this is a good strategy don't completely count out the ones in the two back system. Reggie bush will get a lot of points and so will Deuce. But yeah for the most part for with the ones in a 1 back system.

    4. Any other recommendation s for this first timer?

    Not really. I'm not exactly an expert as this is my 4th? year playing casually. If you know football just go for the players that you think will produce the most. I recommend going to sites and seeing where they project different players. If you use cheat sheets even the worst players can win. Remember to pay close attention to the waiver/FA wire to see good players getting cut or scoop up players that might produce (marques colston, tony romo last year)
    This is an excellent post.

    I would like to add......

    Pay attention to the players stats.
    Sounds silly but alot of guys don't.
    They draft with thier heart and not thier head.
    Just because a guy is on a loosing team doesn't mean he won't get you points.
    A team that is always behind will have to throw alot.
    WR's on those teams get lots of yards.

    Don't draft alot of players from one team.
    Bye week will kill you.
    Additionally, if you have a WR and a RB on your roster from the same team one of them will probably not get you points on any given week.

    After you have your team, pay close attention to the tools the page gives you (i.e. matchups, injury notes, waiver wires etc).
    It will help you alot in setting your team for the next week.

    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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