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    Re: Rookie Watch: Harvin not yet worthy of fantasy starting spot

    "Zeus" wrote:
    "Garland" wrote:
    If you have te space to keep him on your bench why not?
    He is worth a late round pick up IMHO.
    It all depends how Many WR yuo are allowed to start. IF you have to start 3 and you can get by with a 5th WR then why not, especially if you have a 4th with as a semi decent bye week/Play if a right match-up type of player then why not?
    I think by "start" they mean 2 starters and no flex.
    And they are correct - don't start Harvin.....yet.

    I say, he's worth a draft pick (late rounds) as long as there's enough depth.

    I know in the league I'm in outside of PP.Os (well, assuming I get in this year) if he's available late in the draft, I'm all about gobbling him up.
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    Re: Rookie Watch: Harvin not yet worthy of fantasy starting spot

    I think he's worth a late (11+) round draft pick...depending on how the league is set up.
    Seems like he would fit perfectly into a flex position.

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