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Thread: RB help needed

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    RB help needed

    standard league 1 pt for 10 yards, 6pts/TD

    can only start 2

    Pierre Thomas
    vs NY Jets
    Brandon Jacobs vs KC
    Willis McGahee vs NE

    Jacobs seems like the most logical for 1. The Chiefs are Horrible
    McGahee has been more of the TD only back, not alot of yards but getting the TD's
    Thomas I have a feeling is due, but worried last week was either just a tease or a sign of things to come.

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    Re: RB help needed

    Definitely go with Jacobs.

    As for Thomas vs McGahee...

    McGaee plays @ NE and Thomas is at home. Edge: Thomas

    If both backs get zero TDs, Thomas will still get you points with yards. Edge: Thomas

    I would go with Jacobs and Thomas.

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    Re: RB help needed

    Thomas was due last week and went off. Will not happen against the Jets. Go with McGahee
    We're bringing purple back.

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