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    Purple Army Draft Review

    Purple army

    Few other things I want to note.

    Don’t wonder why I dislike your players and there on my own team (Waikato all madden) because I didn’t draft half of that team.

    I’m taking into account we only start 2 WR’s now

    This Division is so much stronger than all the others Ive looked at. It’s not even funny, I think any team from this division could make the playoffs over in purple pride. This is going to be a really really tight season in this division and I think it will come down to who can recover from injuries and depth.

    1. Rednecks

    Best pick: Tomlinson, Ladainian SDC RB 1.02
    Worst pick: Collins, Kerry OAK QB 3.02

    Bruce in the 11th was probably your best pick since it had some skill in it but I bet when you saw LT still there 2nd you cracked open a few colds, Steal. Not many take Owens that early but you do have to remind your self he was the top WR all year in FF until he got hurt for those final few games, if you think he’s going to get back that that he’s a great pick there, especially since the draft was entering the 3rd tier of RB’s since portis and DD just went of the board. Another Collins fan, fair enough. Hey you got Steve Smith, this guy got a good memory. Smith use to be the absolute man before he broke his leg, receptions galore and now with Mushin out Smith should get back to that. Looks that way from camp and preseason to. Very close thing beating out Italian for 1st

    2. Steamin Italian

    Best pick: Clark, Dallas IND TE 13.05
    Worst pick: Bulger, Marc STL QB 3.05

    Man you have done well here. You may have Taken Bulger a bit early but the top 5 WR’s were all gone so I guess that’s not too bad. About time someone respected Clinton Portis and took im early, good pick but not as nice as SA at 5th! Shame no real sure WR’s fell to you because the ones you got will still keep you up at night. I do think after this season Andre Johnson will have emerged as a sure thing though. Yeah I like the Dallas Clark pick, He had a nice season stat wise last year when playing, now minus Pollard and you get double the TD’s a bit more. Clark will impress this year. This teams impressive anyway.

    3. Destroyers

    Best pick: Moulds, Eric BUF WR 16.05
    Worst pick: Green, Trent KCC QB 4.05

    The Green picks not to bad. Just a tad of a reach but QB’s went really fast in this draft and it’s always good to jump on a sure thing like a KC player. Yep I like those 2 RB’s and you have 4 real good WR’s, Good luck picking whose going to take the pitch with Holt. The rest is nice but why did you take 2 kickers when your only backup QB is Pennington whose not 100% himself? Seems kind of weird for a guy who really wanted his QB position to be solid. Good team though, should live up to there name.

    4. Scruvy Dogs

    Best pick: Barber, Tiki NYG RB 3.08
    Worst pick: Eagles, Philadelphia PHI Def 8.01

    That Eagles DT pick was only really bad because you took a DT before you took a QB, but overall nice picks everywhere. This should be a really good team with Ward and Moss Catching every week then tons of very nice options each week at QB and RB. You got 3 no frills top Fantasy players on this team in Ward, Barber and Eric Johnson. Each of these guys always wakes you up in week 15 when you check there numbers, solid to. Looks like you have played FF a bit, you should have a good year. Very close to being 3rd, its just he’s got better QB’s.

    5. Del Rio

    Best pick: Hasselbeck, Matt SEA QB 13.01
    Worst pick: Culpepper, Daunte MIN QB 1.01

    Rookie written all over this one. Culpepper at no1 overall, you will only see that in a purple pride draft. Culpeppers numbers last year wouldn’t even warrant him going no1 overall, it’s just a waste of a pick. Haselbeck is a great pick in the 13th, he’s a more than adequate starter. But since this is just an 8 team league you still got a couple of decent RB’s and good WR’s. If you took LT you would have been the team to beat but you will still be tough.

    6. Williamson

    Best pick: Droughns, Reuben CLE RB 13.06(not a great pick)
    Worst pick: Palmer, Carson CIN QB 3.06

    I know everyone’s saying Palmers going to be the Sleeper of the QB’s this year but sleepers don’t go in the 3rd! Boy one thing I've learnt from looking at these 8 team drafts is that you really don’t get punished for bad picks. TW has made a bunch of them but can still field a team that won’t get embarrassed at all. Holmes 6th overall was nice but you had a brain explosion with your 4th pick taking Carnell when Ahman, Kev Jones and JJ were still around. If you just didn’t stuff that one up you would be looking good since the rest of your team I like

    7. Audio ghosts

    Best pick: McAllister, Deuce NOS RB 2.02
    Worst pick: McNabb, Donovan PHI QB 1.07

    McNabb im not high on at all this year, just an inside feeling. Deuce im huge on though. The guys the man and the team has set up there whole game around him this year which I expect him to cash in on and finish in the top 5 RB’s by the end of it all. Dillon should be fine. You got 2 WR’s and a TE who are the only receiving options on there team, nice PK and DT. Yea nice team you should fight for .500

    8. ShockZilla

    Best pick: Green, Ahman GBP RB 5.03
    Worst pick: Manning, Peyton IND QB 1.03

    Yea I not sure what you did in this draft. Ahman Greens by far your best back and a great pick in the 5th, I think hes going to better than everyone’s saying. That offense will always be good. Your other RB’s are nothing to write home about and you have no help for Marivin at WR. Witten at 6th is nice but your PK and DT is horrible, there are still better ones that that on waivers, get them. You might get some hidings this year mate.
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    Re: Purple Army Draft Review

    I've won two seperate pay leagues with Culpepper at the helm. I am satisfied with my pick :grin:

    Although I didn't expect to land Drew Brees and Matt. So if someone in the Army wants a QB let me know. I could use a RB or even a TE.

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    Re: Purple Army Draft Review

    Yea Culpepper at the Helm has won me leagues aswell but ive never once drafted him. Everyone takes him to early and needs support at RB which i usually have and i package my QB i get later and my 4th round RB and nab him. This works alot for those Harrison, Moss, Mcnabb, Pepper type players who go early
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    Re: Purple Army Draft Review

    Concidering this is a home of Viking fans I knew he wouldn't make it past the first round. That's the only reason I drafted him.

    If Shock wasn't such a jerk I would have landed Curtis Martin as well and then I would have been satisfied now I have to have Julius Jones.

    Damn you Shock.

    Anybody can pick up a fantasy football guide and see the order of picks you should take, RB's should be coveted, Compound interest, insure your stars, but what is fun is picking players I actually have some interest in and making it work.

    I'm not a fan of the cookie cutter.

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