This weekend's game between the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans has been postponed until week 10 by the NFL, and therefore the Ravens and Texans have a bye this week. This announcement was made at 6:30pm ET Saturday evening, and we've updated your NFL schedule accordingly.

What this means to you and your league-mates includes:

Check your starting lineups to make sure that owners do not have any Ravens or Texans starting, and if they do, make them aware of this schedule change so they can change their lineup accordingly. Otherwise, they'll get zero points for those players for week 2!
If you use for a survivor pool, make sure all owners are aware of this schedule change, and update their pick accordingly in case they've selected the Texans or Ravens to win this week. With survivor pools, only winners advance, so if they have a week 2 pick of the Ravens or Texans, they cannot win, therefore, they will be eliminated.
If you use for a confidence pool, make sure all owners re-submit all week 2 confidence picks, as now there are only 15 games to choose from, and not 16.

In addition, the NFL has changed the schedule for the Cincinnati Bengals for both weeks 8 and 10. See the article for full details on this change.

As always, please check out your Help Center if you have any follow-up questions regarding this change

The Support Staff