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    Re: post your roster

    here is my first place team (8-1), in a 12 team league.
    We had an auction instead of a draft (which is far superior to the a draft btw):

    Marc Bulger
    Bench: David Carr

    Ronnie Brown
    Bench: Addai

    WR/TE (start 2 wr and 1 wr/te)
    Andre Johnson
    TJ Housmanzadah
    Santana Moss
    Tony Gonzelez
    Kellen Winslow
    Doug Grabriel

    Lions (bye week issue...)

    Josh Scobee
    Bench: Josh Brown
    Make love to the present, fuck the past
    --Sage Francis

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    Re: post your roster

    My team in an ESPN keeper league with 16 teams

    QB: Tony Romo (starting)
    Byron Leftwich
    Mark Brunell

    RB: Clinton Portis
    Chester Taylor (starting)
    DeAngelo Williams
    Domnic Rhodes

    WR: Marvin Harrison (starting)
    Bernard Berrian (starting)
    Amani Toomer (starting)
    Lee Evans

    TE: Owen Daniels (starting)

    LB: Adalius Thomas (starting)
    Clark Haggans (starting)
    Shawne Merriman

    DL: Jared Allen (starting)
    Bryant Young (starting)
    Aaron Schobel

    DB: Darren Sharper (starting)
    Ty Law (starting)
    Dwight Smith

    K: Morten Andersen (starting, of course )
    Jay Feely

    HC: Vikings' coach (starting)

    I'm 5-4 right now, but i have an easy schedule ahead

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    Re: post your roster

    "BloodyHorns82" wrote:
    This is my first year playing a fantasy football game other than salary cap.
    This is my team:

    D. McNabb
    WR: T. Holt
    WR: R.
    WR: L. Evans
    RB: L. Tomlinson
    RB: W. Parker
    TE: R. McMichael
    K: J. Elam
    Def: Tampa Bay

    J. Addai
    B. Roesthlisberger
    I. Bruce
    B. Troupe
    A. Toomer
    L. Tynes

    Like I said this is my first draft.
    I thought this looked like a decent team...
    What do you experts think?

    Somehow I am 9-0 with this team and sitting comfortably in first place!
    I've made a few tweaks here and there but its still pretty much the same team.
    Beginners luck?

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