"Red" wrote:
well for obvious reasons- the VIKINGS!!! I've been waiting for this day for a long time, and to make it even better, my fantasy victory comes down to these last two games. I'm in an ESPN standard scoring league, and am currently holding a ONE point lead (67-66) going into these next two games. I'm playing against my buddy (a Pats fan) who purposely took the Vikes D away from me in the draft. He has them, and I have RB Selvin Young. I "should" win. If I do, and the Vikings win, this will turn out to be the best Monday EVER!!!!!
Red not to be callus but I'm hoping the Vikes D holds GB to under 200 yards of offense, 8 sacks, and 5 INTs with 2 for TDs.

I would like that more than TJack throwing for 500+ yards and 3 TD's.