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    Marshall Divsion Draft Review


    Wow check out this first 10 draft picks.

    LT, C pep, Dillon, McGahee, Manning, SA, Westbrook, Holmes, Mcnabb, Harrison

    Ugly! Yea that transfers into some Weak teams in Marshall. I’ve added a bit extra comments on Vikings players in this Division as well. Read on.

    1. Just Relax

    Best pick: Alexander, Shaun SEA RB 1.06
    Worst pick: Vinatieri, Adam NEP PK 7.06

    This guys played Before, Followed the normal draft theory and dominated it. Bet this is the only league you have seen when SA fell to you at 6? Man you couldn’t of got him there 2 years ago. Your backup RB’s are unknown if they start much at all so that could be a bit risky. Everyone of your WR picks were steals, bet you will consider your last pick Branch in a few weeks. Branch is someone who’s got a very tough schedule early then it gets easier, so his trade value will be low coming into playoff time, that’s something to look for in players. The rest of your team is awesome, nice one getting Brooks so late. Looking at your draft it looks like you know what you’re doing hence you shouldn’t stuff this team up midseason, take no1.

    2. Smashmouth

    Best pick: McAllister, Deuce NOS RB 2.07
    Worst pick: Culpepper, Daunte MIN QB 1.02

    One lucky fellow! You’re lucky your draft didn’t fall apart after the premature pick of Culpepper but you got 2 first round running backs in the 2nd and 3rd, that’s crazy! You took Wayne over Andre Johnson which I think will hurt you later but hey Wayne’s no mug he will do you well and Nate should most weeks as well. I know Moss has gone bla bla bla and Nates the new no1 but I'm a bit scared taking him in FF. We have 4 receivers that would make any team in the NFL and a TE who led them all last year. That’s a lot of balls to go around. Yeah Nates going to get most of them most weeks but since Carter left there hasn’t been a WR outside Moss do anything in FF. Add in how inconsistent Minnesota is plus this new found love for “trying� to run the ball I’m not taking Nate to early this year. He’s being taken around the same time as Javon Walker, Andre Johnson, and Hines Ward. He’s not in that Class yet, let’s hope he is next year. Anyway you have lots of Depth and a good team.

    3. Vikefan89

    Best pick: Barber, Tiki NYG RB 3.05
    Worst pick: Manning, Peyton IND QB 1.05

    Yea on that Manning pick. The top tier RB’s has a group of 6 which is LT, SA, Holmes, Deuce, Edge, Willis(could argue Willis) and anyone picked in the top 6 before them is an awful pick but 7th where you enter the next tier with the DD’s, Jones’s, Jamal’s it’s a bit more risky so WR’s or QB’s could go there. You just went a tad early. Saying that out of about 50 drafts of done I think I've gone RB 1 and 2 in at least 45 of them. Anyway you recovered by getting DD and Tiki next up then a bit later took Drew Bennet before most would, but I have a feeling he will go alright this year with the Titans Airing it out fro behind and he’s the man that will get the results. PK/TE/DT all real good. Not bad.

    4. Ned

    Best pick: James, Edgerrin IND RB 2.06
    Worst pick: Dillon, Corey NEP RB 1.03

    Rookies or not, how Edge can fall that far I don’t know. He makes your RB’s not to bad now and you have 2 others who start on there respective teams, nice. You’re starting WR’s and TE combined should average over 80 receptions and your PK/DT will get some big scores sometimes. Another Kerry Collins Lover… A lot aren’t keen on this guy but I don’t really know what to think. Has is draft stock roared here since every time we watch him he tears us up? Maybe a tad, but no as we all know the main reason is Randy Moss. I actually don’t rate the Oakland D at all and in that division there’s some good teams who will expose that. This should bring about some shootouts for the raiders which boost Collins stats and Randy’s, hey Randy in a Shootout, What’s new? Alright team here filled to the brim with depth.

    5. Fuad Fan

    Best pick: Mason, Derrick BAL WR 13.01
    Worst pick: Leftwich, Byron JAC QB 7.01(he’s an awful NFL and FF player)

    Yep not bad, did you think about Portis or Tiki instead of the unknown Jones? I just don’t know about that guy. Plays in a division full of great run stopping defense as well on a team that falls behind, will he get 300 carries? Will that small frame last 200? Hey who cares you got LT! Johnson and Moss are 2 explosive WR’s but this league suits crafters who rack up catches, still those are 2 greats there. What am I taking about? Moss Catch’s a ton, as soon as I see that name I just see flashbacks of his rookie season (where he wasn’t reception heavy) and the sound of disbelief from the commentators. The rest of your team has a question mark over it though. Can Wiggins do it again? Haha Bengal’s DT? Oh nearly forgot, I don’t like your Quarterbacks.

    6. Canada

    Best pick: Holmes, Priest KCC RB 1.08
    Worst pick: Chambers, Chris MIA WR 5.08

    Steve Smith, Jerry Porter, Clayton, Boldin… Those names wring a bell? Chambers must ring a bell when he runs his routes because he never gets open or makes consistent plays. He annoys me every year. That guys got all the skills but doesn’t use them, I’ve given up on him. The 5th rounds too early for him. Poor Drafting. Um what else...? Yea quite good. You jumped on Mcnabb early and got 4 starting running backs with lots of WR’s. I hope you know how to trade because I think you have the tools to do it. That was one of the main disappointments when I heard we only start 2 WR’s, its pretty much going to end a lot of trade talk since everyone will have decent WR’s to start anyway. A lot of trades I’ve found are built around teams trying to get there 3rd WR position concreted in. This league just doesn’t have enough starting positions to warrant too much trade thought. That makes the draft even more Key. And Canada did quite well

    7. 2 Beers

    Best pick: Boldin, Anquan ARI WR 10.05
    Worst pick: BAL and PIT DT’s 5th and 6th

    The Rookie sirens are loud and clear here. Started with the reach on Willis then bad picks in the 2nd, 5th and 6th. Can’t afford to mess up that early but you have. I’m not sure who your no2 back is but I think Foster will emerge this year and play really well, he’s my sleeper of the year by the way. Boldin in the 10th is good but im not high on im this year. Yeah not much else to say this teams not special.

    8. Art Master

    Best pick: Moore, Mewelde MIN RB 16.02
    Worst pick: Westbrook, Brian PHI RB 1.07

    I was quite surprised during the draft on how much love Moore didn’t receive. He’s the guy that most around purple pride want to start and aren’t we supposed to be running a bit more this year? Bennet hasn’t proved much yet, sure Tice raves about him in Training but that’s only a stage to show of his athleticism, we all know and have seen he doesn’t run to well in game situations. Moore’s next on the depth chart no doubt and I guarantee he’s on Tice’s mind. In those few games he played last year he was a top FF player, who knows he could get back there and its only a 16th round pick. Looks like you took all your favorite players in this draft because most of them you jumped the gun on. Apart from Green and Harrison there’s not much to talk about on this team, you might struggle here.
    Come Home Davey Dixon, The All Blacks need you

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    Re: Marshall Divsion Draft Review

    There must be some good stuff in NZ to smoke. Did you stop to think that some of us, probably most of us used the Auto-draft?
    And I was lucky enough to get PEP!! HOTDAMM Hootenanny!!!!!
    read em and weep boys!

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    Re: Marshall Divsion Draft Review

    Don't really understand the best and worst picks...alot of these guys are high caliber players....the one and only thing to remember in fantasy football is to get quantity at every position....everything else is just a roll of the dice....

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    Re: Marshall Divsion Draft Review

    He's looking at the value you got at the round you took him.

    That's what he is grading on.
    I took Culpepper at #1 so that was bad
    I got Hasselbeck way later so that was good.

    But There is no way in hell I would start Hasselbeck over Culpepper especially after the shoddy year he had last year. Unless it looked like a serious mismatch he was going against.

    He is grading on the cookie cutter. Get RB's first they are the backbone of your team.

    "The top tier RB’s has a group of 6 which is LT, SA, Holmes, Deuce, Edge, Willis(could argue Willis) and anyone picked in the top 6 before them is an awful pick"

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    Re: Marshall Divsion Draft Review

    Depending on the scoring in your league, you may benefit by taking a QB first, as the separation that you get from Manning and Culpepper vs. all other QB's, far outweighs the difference in say Edge or Deuce vs. Corey Dillon or Curtis Martin.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Marshall Divsion Draft Review

    I have no idea what the scoring is in this league. I have found that to be true as well though.

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    Re: Marshall Divsion Draft Review

    Like I said...who makes who the expert? I often see these "experts" sucking wind by week 5, especially the guys in 100 leagues in the last x years. They have 20% really good teams and they think that made them geniuses while ignoring the fact they missed the playoffs in 80% of their leagues. What does this tell you? (not a knock on nz, just FF elitists in general)

    Don't take too much stock in someone's opinion of your draft; opinions are like......

    If you are happy with your team and looking forward to starting your boys and going toe to toe with folks from the board, then enjoy!

    I may need to trade a WR though. LOL

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    Re: Marshall Divsion Draft Review

    Thank you webby!

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    Re: Marshall Divsion Draft Review

    I love my team.

    By taking Manning I got a little worse of a RB but the difference between the RB's I got vs. the RB's I could have got if I didn't draft Manning aren't that big, while Manning is alot better of a QB then I would have got in round three or later.

    (I also didn't show up till round three) :lol:

    I have been reading alot of professinal draft reviews, and almost all have Peyton and LT as a toss up for the first pick, I don't think getting him with the fifth was the wrong choice.

    And Webby, totally agree with you. :grin:

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    Re: Marshall Divsion Draft Review

    What does the Marshall Division signify? Marshall High School? Marshall University? Marshall Faulk? Marshal Dillon? Martial Law?

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