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    Marc Bulger a top pick?

    I've been hearing people talk about Marc Bulger. They're saying that he's going to have an incredible year. I can't disagree, with his offensive weapons, but I'm not sold yet. Would you really take him above an elite RB or QB? I know that I wouldn't. I wouldn't want to risk having my first round pick wasted later in the year if Bulger turns out to be a bust.

    What about you? How soon would you take Bulger? Where does he rank on the fantasy QB list?

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    Re: Marc Bulger a top pick? i would never take Bulger in the 1st or 2nd rd. I think he is about the 5th best QB behind Manning,Brees,Palmer,Brady and McNabb when he is healthy. Where did you hear that he was going to have a huge year? He just signed a huge contract so he has nothing to be motivated for.

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    Re: Marc Bulger a top pick?

    One of the places I read about it was here, on ArmChairGM.

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    Re: Marc Bulger a top pick?

    "Andersklasen" wrote:
    One of the places I read about it was here, on ArmChairGM.
    That is a post from some random blogger. Dont listen to those people.....You should listen to me im a fantasy genius ;D

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    Re: Marc Bulger a top pick?

    My cousin drafted him in the first round of our FFL. I called him an idiot but it might not be all that bad.

    I mean they will only really hand it off to Stephen Jackson they have no legit 2nd RB to gobble up more plays. And Stephen Jackson leads to play action passes to good receivers.

    Holt and Bruce outside. Bennett in the slot. McMicheal at TE. And Jackson in the Backfield. He's got options.

    I'd say late first or second round.

    Steve Smith in the 2nd round was my strategy this year. LT & LJ in the first round. 2 diff leagues.

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    Re: Marc Bulger a top pick?


    1.Peyton Manning
    2.Drew Brees
    3.Carson Palmer
    4.Tom Brady
    5.Marc Bulger
    6.Donovon McNabb
    7.Vince Young
    8.Tony Romo
    9.Phillip Rivers
    10.Jon Kitna
    11.Jay Cutler
    12.Ben Roethlisberger
    13.Matt Lienart
    14.Matt Hasselbeck
    15.Jake Delhomme

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    Re: Marc Bulger a top pick?

    I like jesse James' comment late 1st or early 2nd. Ive gotten him as late as the

    Okay MY QB RANK

    1. Peyton Manning (It was either Manning or Tarvaris Jackson. Tough choice

    2. Tom Brady (If he was top 5 FF QB with Caldwell as his #1 option He'll ahve a godlike year with Moss and Stallworth)

    3. Carson Palmer ( Loses Chris Henry but still got Johnson and TJ Whos your momma)

    4. Drew Brees (I think he'll take a small step back. He lost Horn. All he's got is Colston and you never know how Colston will do against #1 DBs and double coverage. People don't consider him a lame 7th rounder anymore. The next guy down the list is Devery Henderson)

    5. Marc Bulger (Holt and Bruce with Tennessees number 1 as your 3. McMichael as your tight end and the pass option with Jackson. How can he not be greatness)

    6. Jon Kitna (second year in the Martz system that Kurt Warner did so great in. Very underrated. Had more yards then any other QB adn now they've added Calvin Johnson. If anything else he'll be a very sufficent decoy for Roy Williams)

    7. Donovan McNabb (Ehh. He'll do decent. Only problem is when was the last time he played a whole season? Even then deecent enough.)

    8. Matt Hasselbeck (Added another weapon with Darrel Jackson and had second most yard next to Kitna. he'll be a good solid pick.)

    9. Jay Cutler (He'll do great in my opinion. Small breakout season for him in my opinon)

    10. Phillip Rivers (He's got Norvs pass heavy offense and Vincent jackosns breakout and oh yeah Antonio Gates. he'll do great. I cant argue with that.)


    1.Vince Young (Not only the Madden cover curse and the Sophmore Jynx. he was very overrated last year. He didnt do as great as everyone thouht. People figured him out now and his second year on't be nearly as good aslast year. they'll treat him like they treat Vick. Take away his run threat and he's pretty mediocre)

    2. Tony Romo (he wasn't looking too good near the end of the season. I have a good hunch and prediction he wont do tht great next year.)

    Ben Roathlisberger (Santonio Holmes will come into a great year for Pittsburgh and Big Bens comeback year. He'll breakout
    He'll do great no arguing with that. I just think he isn't better then the guys on my top ten. It was close though between him and Rivers)
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    -Chuck Noll

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    Re: Marc Bulger a top pick?

    I say Steven Jackson's the better Ram to take in the first, that's who I got.
    I only but three or four qbs in my top 12, I'm big on rbs in the first. It worked out well for me, I got Jackson and Willis McGahee as my starting backs with Kevin Jones, DeShaun Foster, and DeAngelo Williams as backups, and Brees as my starting qb with Leinart as a backup. Somehow either McGahee or Brees dropped to the third round, which suprised me.

    In AP I trust

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    Re: Marc Bulger a top pick?

    almost no qb's should go in the 1st round depending on your scoring system.
    peyton maybe just cuz with anthony gonzalez and losing rhodes they may not run as much and he has the potential of throwing 40 tds.

    bulger is always solid but you can get comparable qb's with the same upside in later rounds without having to make your rb position weak.
    roethlisberger is a guy i really like this year and i guarantee you could probably get him in round 5 or lower.

    in other words, don't rush with a qb, there are alot more of them then there are quality number one rbs.

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    Re: Marc Bulger a top pick?

    Bulger is a second tier QB along with Palmer, Brady, Brees, McNabb

    Manning is the only top tier QB and the only one of consideration in the first round.

    There are a lot of QB's that should have good value in the 5-8 round level like Kitna, Lossman, Big Ben, Cutler, Leinart, Leftwich, Young (avoid the curse),Romo

    Go with RB in first round mostly because of position scarcity

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