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    major lineup decisions

    first game of the playoffs for me this weekend and i got some major lineup decisions to make. maybe you can help

    I need one QB

    J. Garcia @ Giants, T. Romo @ Falcons, V. Young vs Jags

    I need one WR

    R. Brown @ Giants, J. Cotchery @ Vikings, C. Henry @ Colts

    I need two of these RB

    L. Betts, J. Addai, T. Bell

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    Re: major lineup decisions

    QB= Tony Romo
    WR= C. Henry (Colts D seems to have turn cold and could not rush the Jags D. They have been bad anyways)
    RB= Bell and Addai

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    Re: major lineup decisions

    Romo for quarterback (Falcons D is beat up)

    Cotchery for the wide receiver (look at how many times teams throw on us)

    Addai and Bell for running backs

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    Re: major lineup decisions

    The giants give up the 7th most fantasy points to QBs, since getting the starting job, Garcia has passer ratings of 121, 105.9, and 115.1, has thrown for 805 yards, 8 TDs, and no INTs. Romo had that monster game against Tampa three weeks ago, but since then, has had passer ratings of 58.1 and 58.8, and has thrown 1 TD and 4 INTS. The falcons give up the 20th most fantasy points to QBs. I'd actually lean towards starting Garcia on this one.

    WR is all about match up for this one. The ranking I've seen have all three of those receivers projected about the same this week. The Vikings give up the 10th most fantasy points to WRs. The Giants are 12th. The Colts give up the fewest fantasy points to receivers in the whole league. After all, why pass on them when you can run for 400 yards. Go with either Cotchery or Brown. I've been a big fan of Brown this season, and starting him would avoid any conflict of interest when watching the Vikings this week. (..which is my #1 rule for fantasy football. You do not want to be That Guy. You know, the guy that's cheering while everyone else is pissed that the opposition just scored, because "he's on my fantasy team"; the guy that's one false look away from the beat down of his lifetime. Yeah, That Guy. Don't be him.)

    With your RBs, Addai and Bell have the better match-ups, but Betts is riding a streak of 3 straight 100 yard games, and has gotten the most number of touches of any running back the last couple of weeks. Washington is trying to protect their new young QB, and are featuring the running game pretty prominently. I'm not a fan of the Colt's run game until they show me again that they can stop the run themselves, and avoid getting in a situation where they have to pass all the time. I'd go with Betts and Bell.

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