"Vikefanman2000" wrote:
"Bretto" wrote:
Well how many points did Ladell Betts get in your league?
He scored 15 points in mine but he only rushed for 119 yards plus 43 yards receiving.
Without the addition of yardage that is 11 plus 4 which equals 14, and he had a fumble which is -1point so he should really only have 13.

I am the league manager in the league so I know there is no cheating going on I just think ESPN has screwed up their point totals.
Two points to consider.....
does your league only take fumble points away if the team LOSES the ball?

Second, there maybe bonus points awarded for milestone yardages....
ie, running backs might get bonus points for reaching 100, 150, 200.
This could explain the extra points.
119 yards = 11 pts
43 yards = 4 pts
1 fum lost = -1 pts
100 yd milestone = 1 pt

Total is 11+4-1+1 = 15