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    I hate the media........

    I dont know about u guys but i am tired of not being able to read a single vikings article without coming upon the loveboat incident or randy moss pulling down his pants in greenbay or the wizzinator!They manage to sneak that in everywhere no matter what the article is about!MEDIA PPL LEAVE US ALONE!

    and below it :rememebring the love boat where players were involved in illicit behavior......blah blah blah!

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    Re: I hate the media........

    Get used to it, none of that bad stuff will go away for awhile.

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    Re: I hate the media........

    Is it just a coincidence that a poster whose avatar is more than a little Stalinesque is ranting about the press?

    You want the media to leave you alone?

    Um, maybe walk away? Stop reading and find something else to do until Monday night?

    The press will stop mentioning the sexcapades when a better story comes along, until then, the solution to your problem just may lie within...
    "When you have fear, bad things happen."
    C. Fason

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    Re: I hate the media........

    I am locking this because after numerous attempts to ask you nicely to have a little netiquette and post topics in the appropriate forum, you have failed to do so.

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