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Thread: FREE BEER!

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    FREE BEER! that I've got your attention. I need some help picking my line up this week. I'm hurting on WR's this week, literally. Please pick my line have the following choices to make for me.
    QB- McNair or Brooks.

    RB- Priest, Fred Taylor, C. Martin,or B. Westbrook. Pick 2.

    WR- Jimmy Smith, Steve Smith, Eric Moulds, Joe Horn, Ike Hilliard, or Peerless Price. Pick 3.

    D- Titans or Rams

    SP- Panthers or Chiefs.

    K- Morten Andersen or Jay Feely.

    Thanks all, it's in your hands, my faith is in you FF rubes.

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    Lombardis DEAD,
    Favrays OLD, the Packers SUCK,

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