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Thread: FF Rant

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    FF Rant

    Is it just me or do i have the worst luck in FF, at least in PPO it seems. Gore gets hurt, i could of maybe taken out the guy at the top of our division not for his defense scoring 39 points, 39 freeking points, GTFO!

    Owens is being a chud and hasn't done me crap, im either hurt by injuries or having my productive guys out in a bye the week i could of really used them. (Hello Tony Gonzales!) It even gets better, take a peek at week 6 for me with my RB's....lolz

    /rant off

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    Re: FF Rant

    Well....I lost last night cause my opponent started a Packer.....

    Damn TE play

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    Re: FF Rant

    I lost because I had Packers D

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    Re: FF Rant

    In one of my leagues, by the first half of the games, I was down by 100 points.
    We're bringing purple back.

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