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    Fat boy Farve Divsion Draft Review

    FatBoy Farve

    1. Fred3105

    Best pick: Collins, Kerry OAK QB 10.04
    Worst pick: Steelers, Pittsburgh PIT Def 7.05

    Oh man this is one of the best rosters I’ve seen. It’s got 1 huge hole though. What’s the story at Tight End? In the 6th you took the Ravens DT when Shockey and Heap were still going on the board. Then you took the Steelers DT right after that? Why did you get another kicker as well? You seem to be a FF vet since you picked up on the old gems who have done it all before in Fragile Fred and Coles late in the draft. I got no idea why you need 2 DT’s anyway Dallas Clark was still going then, finally you took Troupe! I’m not sure about that. Hell it took till the very last pick of the draft for my next favorite to go in Eric Johnson. If you had a decent TE you would have the best team I’ve seen so far in this comp. You could prolly shift Westbrook + Ravens for a TE somewhere. But in the End TE’s don’t win Championships, the rest of your team could though.

    BTW- The best pick is really Portis in the 5th but since Collins has been going 3rd round every time I would put that there.

    2. Viking80

    Best pick: Barber, Tiki NYG RB 9.01
    Worst pick: Culpepper, Daunte MIN QB 1.01

    Ha this is the first team I've looked at in this division so far and by the looks of it it’s going to be an interesting division by just looking at this one guy’s roster. 8 guys let Tiki Barber fall 7 rounds to far the also forgot about McAllister, Brooks, C Mart, Steve smith and Fitzgerald. Yes those are all steals for you Viking80 and has given you a nice team. You have great RB’s, a nice backup to C pep and great WR’s to rotate to your liking and in Gonzo and the Pats double combo super bowl formula and you have a team who could make the big show them self’s, nice one.

    3. Lackeys

    Best pick-Jordan, Lamont OAK RB 13.02
    Worst pick-Vick, Michael ATL QB 2.07

    Man, did you and someone have turns in this one or something? Some good picks then some ugly ones.
    1. LT -Sure
    2. Vick - waste
    3. Jamal-Sure
    4. Bruce-waste
    He redeems him self with the good Ward pick but overall he stuffed you up. I bet you will consider using your Last pick overall QB over Vick many weeks this year. Your WR's aren’t bad but why did you take Heap 2 rounds after taking Gates? Trade Bait? I would only do that if you nailed the previous rounds, I don’t think you did. Still the RB’s are solid as is the rest of this team, you should go fine.

    4. Dammoonz

    Best pick:
    Worst pick:

    Yep first glance this is a good team right down to the Falcons DT. The Falcons DT is always a goodie as well with Rossum returning and Kerney rushing, add in some new additions and a years of experience this is a unit that will do well FF wise in our scoring. If you swapped your 2nd and 3rd picks around going RB/WR instead of WR/RB you could have had Deuce and Harrison instead of Jones and Johnson. If you pulled that you would be a Class team but its easy talking post draft. Still im quite sure there would a been better options going RB/WR. Shockey in the 7th is quite good, this should be his best year. Nice team, hey what’s up with the nz at the end of your name? Your TE gives you a slight edge over the Killers.

    5. Wiley Killers

    Best pick: Green, Ahman GBP RB 4.06
    Worst pick: Manning, Peyton IND QB 1.03

    Early QB fevers back, read my other posts for feedback on this since there’s 2 on everyone. One for Daunte and one for Peyton. Both are going too early for my liking here. Well you RB’s are pretty good, 2 guys who should be easy top 10 in RB receptions but Greens grabs are on the decline these days. Owens and ???? who? Yea Drew Bennet he’s coming on but in a 2 WR league you could have done better than that and you can blame a lot of that on your no1 overall QB pick. Let’s say at 1.03 we got Moss and at 5.03 we got Farve. But you end up with Manning and Mr unknown Bennet, give me the Well known team of Farve a Moss and the W’s that come with it. McMichaels a better TE than Wiggins and you got him 3 rounds later. This teams not bad.

    6. People eater

    Best pick: Branch, Deion NEP WR 16.03
    Worst pick: Brady, Tom NEP QB 3.06

    Brady’s leadership and fight doesn’t show in his FF results, he’s a good player but no 3rd rounder. He always starts slow, picks it up then slows down again as it snows in Foxboro. You could say the same for branch but we are talking 13 rounds later here. Branch would do you well if you needed him, you don’t because you have 3 stud WR’s anyway who will have huge games but you only need 2 studs and a backup. It shows in your RB’s where your 1 short, you passed up on Ahman, Clinton and Julius who could have really settled this roster. It’s still really good with a Great PK/TE/DT

    7. Dirty Dog

    Best pick: Bulger, Marc STL QB 9.08
    Worst pick: Johnson, Rudi CIN RB 2.01

    That Rudi picks not that bad, it’s just the only one that stands out to me and that’s because I don’t rate him that high. Remember he plays the Ravens and Steelers 2 times each this year. That’s 4 games you can rule out any special performance from Rudi. I hope Bell gets it done for you during those games, that’s if he’s playing in Denver. You overlooked DD, Portis, McAllister, Dillon and let’s not forget my new Favorite Mike Alstott. Taking Mcnabb 3rd kind of messed the rest of your team up as your WR’s wont scare anyone and the rest of your team won’t contribute to many points.

    8. Victors

    Best pick: Clark, Dallas IND TE 7.07
    Worst pick: Alstott, Mike TBB RB 2.02

    Man that cracked me up. I haven’t heard or read that name in years. He use to be a real good backup RB 3 or 4 years ago when he subbed in for Warrick Dunn, Haha Mike Alstot! Alright so you’re a rookie. Your RB’s together will prolly only score points ever 2nd game. Man your going to see some round numbers this season. There’s nothing to say about the rest of your team, read some of my other reviews and learn a bit on how to draft for next year. Anyway have a fun season and your losses should keep you right at the top of the waiver wire draft so keep your eye on injury’s and try and jump on a new comer to help you out.
    Come Home Davey Dixon, The All Blacks need you

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    Re: Fat boy Farve Divsion Draft Review

    Thanks for the review very nicely done. (Mario Manningham)

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    Re: Fat boy Farve Divsion Draft Review

    thank you nzvike. i am just learning. just for fun anyway. those losses will make somebody happy

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