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    Fantasy: What's a keeper league?

    Fantasy: What's a keeper league?

    Keeper leagues are fantasy leagues in which owners can hold onto a number of players, usually at a cost, for the following season. An example: I paid $44 for LaDainian Tomlinson in a $100-cap auction league last season. This year if I want to keep him on my team and out of the draft, I'd have to pay five-dollar keeper fee and he'd cost me $49. Of course I want him, but is he worth almost half of my total cap space? That's the twist that keeper leagues add for auction drafts. In traditional, wrap-around drafts, a popular way to penalize keepers is for every player you keep, you are penalized in two rounds of drafting by picking at the end of those rounds or losing a pick altogether. So if you keep one player, you pick last in Rounds 1 and 2, or forfeit your first round pick. Leagues considering the keeper option should establish that rule before their league draft. Deciding to enact the keeper rule after the rosters are set would be unfair because they were not built with next season in mind.
    The positives: More like the NFL, and trades tend to have more meaning. Savvy drafters are rewarded.

    The negatives: Some of the best players won't be in your draft, and the teams in your league might start to look the same each year.

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    Re: Fantasy: What's a keeper league?

    i have never been in a keeper league. not sure how well i would do. probably amazingly good tho.
    We're bringing purple back.

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