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    Fantasy Football Team/Trade Analysis

    Tried to search for a topic like this but couldn't find it.

    Well, I accidentally drafted Peyton Manning in one of my leagues... and my backup is (was) Kyle Orton. After last night's game, I was eager to trade for a new QB.

    What do you think about this trade:

    What I gave up:
    Kyle Orton
    Kenny Britt
    4th Round Pick (2012)

    What I received:
    Matthew Stafford
    Julio Jones
    12th Round pick (2012)

    Seems like a pretty good deal for me (imo), let me know what you think.
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    Eh, Idk. Stafford will be decent this year, but Julio Jones is going to be tough to start with White and Turner on the offense, and him being a rookie. I think Orton will be better later on, the Raiders pass rush was just relentless last night. It's a horrible trade. Take it. It's really good.
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    Bad trade for you c mac.

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    Not a fan of this trade for you Mac. Considering Britt just dropped 33 points on me and beat me in my big pay league lol. But I understand that you needed another QB. I have Peyton in half of my leagues.

    Sorry Rick! Keep up the good work.

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    Stafford is the better QB and Britt had one good week. Jones should get more involved as that offence as the season moves forward
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