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    Re: The Extrememly Early Top 10 RB list

    Next year will be one of those years where it will be very difficult to rank RB's after the #1 pick.
    Some will have AD atop the list, but I still don't see how anyone in their right mind cannot evaluate LT as the top pick.

    That being said, 2008 RB rankings will depend heavily (much more than usual) on your league rules.
    For example, in a PPR league, Westbrook has to be a top 3 pick (He edged out LT for the top spot by 4 points in one of my leagues).
    In TD heavy leagues, FWP would not be considered in my top 12 RBs.
    Performance leagues that grant points for return yardage and bonus points for long TDs might have me ranking MoJo Drew in my top 5-7 or so.

    It all about your league settings, but next year should be fun FF year for ranking/drafting of RBs, without a doubt.

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    Re: The Extrememly Early Top 10 RB list

    "jmcdon00" wrote:
    "davike" wrote:
    Well ya can never start to early when it comes to football

    Anyways I have to disagree with some of these guys. Some of them haven't been that special enough to warrent a top ten ranking yet. And you seemed to forget about some of these guys.

    Ronnie Brown....he was a stud before getting hurt
    Willie Parker.....I would put him at least at #4 or 5
    Frank Gore
    Steven Jackson and Clinton Portis should be moved a touch higher IMO
    Where is Larry Johnson on this list?
    McGahee is IMO on of the better backs in the league.

    Marshawn Lynch should only get better next season.
    You can't forget about Maroney.

    Selvin Young could have a big year next year as well.

    Just my opinion though

    Good thoughts, what would your top ten look like. Which 4 from his list are you gonna drop? And who is gonna move down?
    Ha I am not quite sure yet. I will maybe make a better list when I see some of the offseason moves and plans. And maybe I should learn the basics of fantasy football

    1. LT - Simply the king...I need to say no more.

    2. Westbrook - he had like the 4th most rushing yards and he had 90 receptions for 771 yards. I wouldn't mind building a fantasy team around this guy.

    3. Adrian Peterson - if they threw to him more he would be easily #2 and possibly #1, he had 14.1 yards per catch....thats crazy for a RB.

    4. Willie Parker - he would have lead the NFL in rushing probably if not for the injury

    5. Ronnie Brown - But I would have to say at this point I am impressed with Ronnie Brown, in 7 games he
    rushed for 602 yards, he had like 400 yards recieving and he averaged 5.1 yards per carry. I would say if he stays healthy next year he should be a stud, a top 5 back.

    6. Joseph Addai - he just doesn't get the carries

    7. Steven Jackson - 2006 he had 1528 yards and he also had 90 receptions. Even if he doesn't return to 06 form, he still should be worthy of this spot at least.

    8. Clinton Portis - thought about putting McGahee here because of Portis's low YPC but Portis had more receptions and TDs.

    9. Larry Johnson - he will be back and if gets continues to get as many carries as he has then he will be worthy of this spot.

    10. Ryan Grant - I wonder what he will do with a full season.

    Just missed:
    Selvin Young - maybe Denver will finally settle on a back for a while.

    Good backs:
    Willis McGahee - I think he will be better then he was last year.
    L. Maroney - they will rely on him a little more next year.
    Frank Gore
    Marshawn Lynch
    Brandon Jacobs

    Some backs I don't think will do much simply because they have won't get as many carries. Such as Jones Drew, Barber, Fred Taylor, Chestor Taylor.

    That all is just my opinion, I really don't know much about fantasy football, never played it in my life.

    Thanks Josdin00 for the sig!

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