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Thread: Defense advise

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    Defense advise

    I have a question:

    i have chicago's D and Cinn's D... they play each other this week in Chicago. they have been taring teams apart. however, cinn is doing really well too. who do think will be the most productive?

    include special team in which the bears have scored 2x.

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    Re: Defense advise

    That's a tough one. Both Ds are playing around the same level. I put more faith in Cincy's O than in the Bears' O so I would probably start Cincy if only given those two choices.

    You may want to check the wire to for a reasonable alternative.

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    Re: Defense advise

    I agree, I would start cincy because of the fact that the bears dont have an offense, and as we saw last week, the bengals do. Both are really good defenses, but the offensive factors is what makes me go with the bears!

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    Re: Defense advise

    i would start who i think will win the game. hopefully you started the bengals.
    We're bringing purple back.

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