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    Cbs Sportsline Fantasy Football

    Hey has anyone joined a league over there that is called Vikings to the Superbowl because that would be sweet!! Here are the names of the people in the league!!
    Do any of you know if any of these guys are from PP.O?

    stephen bishop: LongHorns
    Frederick Kieley: Balls Deep
    markus hall: Vikingz
    jeff kent: reggie
    jeff cox: COXXX
    Troy Fenner: Fenn's Football
    jeremy kassel: skol vikes
    steve sandhoefner: Go Vikings
    nate anibas: The Shitbricks
    Jordan Gilman: Chester29
    nick miller: PurplePeopleEaters

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    Re: Cbs Sportsline Fantasy Football

    The Trenches are where Games are Decided

    Hutch and K. Will baby

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