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    Brandon Marshall FFL?

    Is this guy getting Marcus Allen'd in Denver?

    Got this from the pop up linked to Marshall on the Yahoo site:

    Wed, Sep 23

    Marshall told reporters on Wednesday that he is comfortable with the Broncos' playbook and that he has fully recovered from his hip injury, the Associated Press reports.

    Recommendation: Marshall spent a majority of the second quarter of last Sunday's game against Cleveland on the bench, but head coach Josh McDaniels claimed it was only because Marshall did not fit into the flow of the game at the time. While Marshall is certainly the most talented receiver on the team, he has had his fair share of issues, although he claims to have fought through them. He said he has learned that it is not worth fighting "the system" and the team (and fantasy owners) hopes he can move on and return to the elite status he had over the past two seasons. With the team's upcoming game against the Raiders, Marshall will presumably be blanketed by Raiders' shutdown cornerback Nnamdi Ashomugha, so Marshall's breakout game may be another week away.

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    Re: Brandon Marshall FFL?

    Haha what a freak show

    Nnamdi is gonna own his ass

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    Re: Brandon Marshall FFL?

    I dont know why I hang on to this guy for my fantasy team.
    Maybe he will bust it open in the second half of the season.

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    Re: Brandon Marshall FFL?

    He scored.
    We're bringing purple back.

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