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    Re: Bernard Berrian vs Sidney Rice

    Berrian - 7th roundish prob a reach but that's where I would see him going in my PPR league
    Rice - 9th maybe 8th but in my TD only league maybe 7th or 8th...

    I guess it depends but I really think Berrian will go first strictly because of his big play capability...At least in yardage leagues in TD only leagues Rice value rises and Berrians probably drops but it's tough to just guess where exactly they'll go.

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    Re: Bernard Berrian vs Sidney Rice

    I am going to look to get Berrian late in the draft. I think he could be great value in the later rounds and might even be good enough to have as a weekly starter should one of your other WRs gets hurt.
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    Re: Bernard Berrian vs Sidney Rice

    "olson_10" wrote:
    neither will go high in fantasy drafts..the guy throwing the ball to them is still a total unknown, so regardless of how well these guys play, their numbers might stink with jackson throwing for 75 yards in games again
    Unfortunatly you have to look at the QB situation. But yeah I think that either would make a decent #3 WR in a league that uses 3 or a least a decent back-up in the right situation.

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