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Thread: Am I a traitor?

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    Re: Am I a traitor?

    This is precisely why I stopped playing Fantasy Football.
    A few years back it was my second or third year of playing FF and I ended up getting Favre in the draft as all other viable options were gone.
    I had to root for Favre to do well while I rooted for the Pack to lose and Vikes to dominate.
    I know I may be a little extreme but I felt as though in some weird way that I was taking away from my Viking Fan experience by being so wrapped up in other players.

    I still follow every team and player avidly, I just cant play FF.
    I guess I am more of a scout for other FF least that's how I sell it to myself.

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    Re: Am I a traitor?

    "ejmat" wrote:
    "Braddock" wrote:
    So I have A. Rodgers as my starting QB, Matt Forte has my premiere back and Mason Crosby as my K (not to mention a few Steelers players, I HATE the Steelers).

    Keep in mind, I have Shiancoe, Vikings D, Berrian, and Rice(bench) as well.

    So, I leave it up to you Rho Rho Omega (PP.O), Am I a Traitor for having so many NFCN rivals on my FF team?
    You are not a traitor.
    This is FF which could make you money.
    1 thing I learned is you can't play FF with your heart.
    I did that a couple of years ago and sat Steve Smith when they played the Vikings.
    That was the game he torched Smoot for over 200 yards receiving.

    I actually have 3 Bears on my team.
    Forte, Olsen and Gould.
    I also have Calvin Johnson.
    Funny how we are in a division that supposedly lacks offense but yet these are all high picks in fantasy leagues.
    Well maybe not Gould but you know what I mean.
    Now I have the Viking Defense and I drafted Harvin.
    Berrian and Shiancoe were drafted before I could get to them but I would have if they were still available.
    Exactly, I have no problem with Aaron Rodgers being my starting QB for one of my leagues.
    He ws the best QB available at my pick(it was actually round 4 so I thought it was a steal), But the reverse of that I also don'yt want to have a team full of Vikings either. Yeh I have a couple on all of my teams, Why not but I am not going to pick all Vikings either. I have seen that burn people to many times.

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    Re: Am I a traitor?

    Thanks guys, I feel better about myself now. *WOOO* sigh of relief.
    Trying to bring rationale to an irrational site

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    Re: Am I a traitor?

    Yeah anybody with such an excellent sig is no traitor
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


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    Re: Am I a traitor?

    No, you are not.

    It's fantasy football.

    So long as you root for the Vikings over the fantasy players you have it's all good.

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    Re: Am I a traitor?

    Aaron Rodgers helped lead me to a FF championship last year.

    Brett Favre helped get me to the playoffs the year before that.
    Of course drafting a rookie RB named Adrian Peterson in the 5th round may have been more responsible for that.


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