Zeus wrote:
Marrdro wrote:
C Mac D wrote:
Teams should only get 3 WRs and 2 start. The WR corps gets pretty thin at times and is what hurt me this year.
I actually don't mind the numbers. In fact I wouldn't mind seeing an increase.

Puts more emphasis on the draft as well as how you work the FA market during the season as young players emerge/injuries happen.
The problem with 16-player rosters is that the available FA pool is shrunken. Also the issue with first-come, first-serve waivers.

Is that a website limitation or does the site allow "Waiver Priorities" to be set by the commish like the other sites I've used?

Aside from that, a shruken FA pool really makes one do his/her homework. Puts alot of emphasis on knowing what cats are doing in the league and working weekly matchups.

Course, no one should be listening to me. Didn't I finish last in our division. B)