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    Zone Blocking Schemes: Video Tutorial

    [size=12pt]Zone Blocking Schemes: Video Tutorial [/size]
    Posted May 14th 2008 10:37AM
    by Stephanie Stradley
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: Zone Blocking Schemes: Video Tutorial

    Interesting videos...I watched both.
    Good basics in there.
    Gives examples of when and why you need more athletic OL in a zone scheme, and what their individual assignments might be.
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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    Re: Zone Blocking Schemes: Video Tutorial

    Excellent stuff my friend.

    A top priority for the Texans this season is to execute a balanced attack with equal amounts of passing and rushing.

    Passing wasn’t a problem last season. The quarterback tandem of Matt Schaub and Sage Rosenfels helped the Texans average 234.4 passing yards per game, which ranked 11th in the league.

    The run game was a different story. The Texans’ 99.1 yards rushing per game ranked 22nd, and the team averaged 6.2 yards fewer than 2006.
    A balanced attack my friends.
    A balanced attack.

    A few comments as I watched the diagrams/breakdowns.

    a. Love the whiteboard work by

    b. Maybe alot of you will understand why we go off tackle/off gaurd all the time based on the cutback lane.

    c. Good teams can still run against 8 in the box. WHAT.....who has been saying that on here.

    d. RB's will always do something to misslead you......We heard Chiller talk about how AD was getting better at doing that (Setting up the play) as the season went on.

    Again, excellent stuff my friend.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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