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    YIKES! Talk about a hate article!

    YIKES! Boy do they hate Donovan McNabb in Philly. Read this article from the Philadelphia Sun, a newspaper for blacks. They just ream McNabb to shreds and quote and cite examples of true racial-barrier-breakers in the NFL and in college who endured hardships and mistreatment and even death on the field in order to break down the barriers. I have never read such a vicious article by a newsperson. Sometimes I think the Twin Cities media is harsh but this is beyond understanding. The article is written by J. Whyatt Mondesire.

    "Hey McNabb! Yo -- Donny! I'm calling you man. Hey, soup guy, over here! Donovan E. McNabb, you hear me callin' you. Will you please pay attention? For a whole lot of years now, we've heard you crying aloud about being taken seriously as a black quarterback who can camp out in the pocket and deliver rifle shots across midfield right into the
    fingertips of the fleetest of wideouts and tight ends. Say, like a Doug Williams, the brilliant Grambling star quarterback of a generation ago who went on to break a Super Bowl record for touchdown passes in 1988. Well....well...I've seen you Donovan E. McNabb -- in your formative years as well as your mid-career development--and one thing is certain. Donovan E. McNabb you're no Doug Williams. The Grambling all-star
    completed 18 of 29 passes for 340 yards and four touchdowns, capping it off with 35 points in the fourth quarter alone. He followed that performance with three conference championships in 2000, ‘01 and ‘02. Your record is another matter entirely. In fact this whole dismal season so far has really been a testament of fallen dreams and lost opportunities most of which belongs at your feet (or should I say hands) and that of your
    coach, Andy Reid who has allowed you to perpetuate a fraud on the field while hiding behind excuses dripping in make-believe racial stereotypes."

    "Normally this column talks very little about sports because the games that grown men play pale in comparison to the great issues of racism, politics, social calamities, health crisis's, war and peace, etc. which gives us plenty of fertile territory to explore and pontificate about. However, this week I felt compelled to offer some personal thoughts about your horrific on-field performances this season because at their core there is a lie you have tried to use to hide the fact that in reality you actually are not that good. In
    essence Donny, you are mediocre at best. And trying to disguise that fact behind some concocted reasoning that African American quarterbacks who can scramble and who can run the ball are somehow lesser field generals than one who can summon up dead-on passes at a whim is more insulting off the field than on.

    "Your athleticism and unpredictability to sometimes run with the ball earlier in your career not only confused defenses, it also thrilled Eagles fans. At last, said many of us, now we have a multifaceted offensive threat whose talents threaten to not just dominate the NFC East Division, but maybe the whole NFL for several years. We were elated. We were in awe. We celebrated the boss's giving you that huge lifetime salary deal which
    meant we'd have you around until it was time for you to join the other retired stars in television's broadcast booth. But then you played the race card and practically all of us fell for your hustle. You scammed us man and there's no way any longer to refrain from 'keepin' it real.' We could have remained silent too, if you had found another way to
    remain effective and a winner. But when your mediocre talent becomes so apparent it's time to call it out.

    "Hey, Donny, soup guy, pull your head out of your-million-dollar Campbell's soup bowl for a moment and ask which current quarterback in fact made a gesture like that for members of his squad. The name Tom Brady ring a bell? Isn't he the guy who took home last year's Super Bowl ring while you were standing in the soup line?"
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

    When you require nothing, you get nothing; when you expect nothing, you will find nothing; when you embrace nothing, all you will have is nothing.

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    Re: YIKES! Talk about a hate article!

    d amn ! reminds me of rondney dangerfield just NO RESPECT! WOW! this guy (mcnabb) has taken the eagles to 4 nfc champships game in a row ! and a superbowl? like i said in another post "i hope the eagles go 1-15 for the next 2 years straight! " because the eagles fans do not deserve to have a superbowl win or a class act guy like mcnabb. this article just proves it again.....that the philly eagles fans suck!F-U eagles fans!
    who picked the colors of piss and puke for thier team colors?.....ok i ll give ya one guess

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    Re: YIKES! Talk about a hate article!

    It was 35 points in the second qtr of that super bowl. Man if your gonna dog somebody you had better get it right.

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    Re: YIKES! Talk about a hate article!

    The had an arguement on the best D@mn sports show last night. They said it was because of the T.O. thing that he wrote this.

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    Re: YIKES! Talk about a hate article!

    Philadelphia fans suck big time. I can't stand their fickleness and arrogance. I enjoyed every minute of that Monday night game against the Seahawks, especially when the cameras zoomed in on the fans.

    Philly fans have no loyalty to the players and just want to win at all costs, and will crucify you if you let them down. I certainly wouldn't want to be a player on that team.

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    Re: YIKES! Talk about a hate article!

    Typical Philly fan.

    The rigors of Spartan life. Leonidas is cast out into the wild, and survives the harsh winter to return to his home, when he is crowned King ....a Viking!


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    Re: YIKES! Talk about a hate article!

    Philly sucks, hahaha.

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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