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    Wow only two more days!

    "hawaiianvike21" wrote:
    "BigEasyViking" wrote:
    That would be sweet Hawiian! :lol: Nothing too serious, just like a severe cuncussion or something. :lol: Maybe Winfield could do it just to show us all that he is no Walker. Really, i am so sick of seeing that play on TV, but everytime that I see it I notice more and more that Walker did absolutely nothing to stop Poole from catching it. He didn't even try to make a play. It was almost as if he was trying to get out of the way of the ball or something. I have never been more happy to get rid of a player than Stone hands Walker. Good Riddance!
    Ya i been noticing that too. Walker didnt do squat to wack that ball out of the air or anything. Maybe he got payed by someone to screw up. YOu know what im talking about when players or even refs can change the game. I wouldnt doubt taht players get paid to screw up on the field and all.

    Ya, woulnt mind seeing poole out for the season or two. It would be funny to see him become the next raonall smith.

    Did you guys also notice russell giving a half ased effort? He could have knocked the crap out of poole and almost assuridly the ball as well, but instead had no thought of doing that. He is a big hitter, and we need him to use that every damn possible chance he can, and he damn sure should have used it on that play. I put as much or more blame on russell than I do walker.

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    Re: Wow only two more days!

    "hawaiianvike21" wrote:
    Till a football game comes on. This monday night the hall of fame game is on featuring the broncos and redskins at canton. I forgot all about that. Hey its not the vikings or for some of you packer fans the packers, but hey its a football game right???? :cheers:

    7 more days to strike revenge against the cards as well, even if it doesnt mean anything being the preseason.

    Yeah, I don't care who is playing on monday night, I am just ready to see some football. I am gonna watch DJ williams to see what he looks like for denver. I still believe that DT will be a better LB in the NFL. I bet portis wants to have a good showing when he is in there, to show everybody that he wasn't good because of mike shanahan's system. He will try and show denever what they will be missing this year.

    I just like peseason, because I know so many rookies and want to evaluate them. I am excited to see all of ours, because I think we have about 4 that will make significant contributions to this team. DT, udeze, darrion scott, & mewelde moore.

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