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    Worst Insulting NFL Nickname

    There are plenty of creative and original nicknames that fans have for their rivals:
    - Kansas City Griefs
    - Cleveland Clowns
    - San Francisco Whiners

    We also have some nicknames for our fellow NFC North teams:
    - Chicago Cubs
    - Detroit Kittens
    - Green Bay Pukers

    Some nicknames are definitely better than others, but some nicknames are really terrible. Personally, I think the Vikings have one of the the worst/lamest examples of rival fans who are out of ideas. I feel that the Vikings have one of the best team names for several reason. The name is short and well-known, suitable, powerful, historical, and fearsome. In addition, the word "Vikings" is not an easy name to make fun of (obviously).

    The lame nickname I'm talking about is of course " VIQUEENS " .

    It's so lame that I don't even know where to begin.
    It's so stupid that I'm embarrassed on their behalf.

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    Re: Worst Insulting NFL Nickname

    Well, I think the names PACKERS and BEARS themselves are pretty insulting, yet describe their teams quite accurately. It's like a pride parade in San Fran when those two teams play each other.

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    Re: Worst Insulting NFL Nickname

    I have always thought the Aints is a pretty good one.

    I also like the Cowgirls ... though it is easy and lame ... I think it works pretty good.

    Growing up in Central Virginia, always liked calling them the Deadskins ... and still like doing it now that I live in the D.C. area.

    I personally think that the Viqueens is a pretty good one ... although I am biased and hate seeing it.

    Other ones I have heard that stick out:
    Cincinnati Bungles
    Pittsburgh Stealers
    Indianapolis Dolts
    Oakland Gayders
    Tampa Bay Bucketoftears
    Arizona Crapinals
    Seattle Seachickens

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    Re: Worst Insulting NFL Nickname


    'nuff said.

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    Re: Worst Insulting NFL Nickname

    My friend's intramural softball team freshman year was called The San Francisco From-Behinders.

    The St. Lous Ma'ams

    Tampa Bay Yuckaneers

    The Aints

    The Squealers

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    Re: Worst Insulting NFL Nickname

    Miami Dolphins-don't need to make fun of that, it's already insulting enough

    St Louis Ass Rams

    Atlanta Falcant's

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    Re: Worst Insulting NFL Nickname

    DiehardVikesFan wrote:
    St Louis Ass Rams
    That made me laugh out loud.

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    Re: Worst Insulting NFL Nickname

    Kansas city queefs

    Oakland faders

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    Re: Worst Insulting NFL Nickname

    I've always liked the Aints. Also some of my favorites:

    Green Bay FudgePackers
    Washington Foreskins
    Miami Dullphins
    Chicago Bores
    Detroit Kitties
    New England Belicheats
    Seattle Seahags
    and of course the Cowgirls

    In baseball:
    NY Crankees
    NY Mutts
    Philadelphia Filthies
    Any man who afflicts the human race with ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood. - H.L. Mencken

    Come from the land of the ice and snow...

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    Re: Worst Insulting NFL Nickname

    These are some that I've heard before and some I'm making up on the spot...

    AFC East

    New York Jets:
    Pets, Debts, Not Yets, Puddlejumpers, That Other NY Team...and worst I've heard...9/11s

    New England Patriots:
    Patsies, Patriot Actors

    Miami Dolphins:
    Dullfins, Flippers, Tuna Bait

    Buffalo Bills:
    No Derogatory Nickname Needed

    ================================================== ====

    AFC North

    Baltimore Ravens:
    Kravens, Rapins, Raiders (oh, snap!)

    Pittsburgh Steelers:
    Shitsburgh Stinkers, Stealers, Cop-A-Feelers, Squealers

    Cincinnati Bengals:
    Bungles, Prison Stripes, Ben-Gays

    Cleveland Browns:
    Cleveland Steamers, Brown Streaks, Brown Noses, Clowns, Frowns

    ================================================== ====

    AFC South

    Houston Texans:
    The Team With Zero Imagination, Dallas's Kid Sister

    Jacksonville Jaguars:
    Jag-offs, Pussycats, That Other Team in Florida

    Indianapolis Colts:
    Dolts, ummm...That Dang Team Who Always Seems To Be In The Playoffs Year After Year After Stinkin', sorry, not much else...

    Tennessee Titans:
    The Flaming Thumbtacks, "The Team Formerly Known As Oilers"

    ================================================== =====

    AFC West

    Oakland Raiders:
    Faders, Traitors, Grand Pooh-bah Assholes of the NFL

    San Diego Chargers:
    Over-chargers, Short-Circuits, Ray-O-Vacs (yeah, not much)

    Denver Broncos:
    Donkeys, Fillies

    Kansas City Chiefs:
    Chefs, Queefs, Thiefs

    ================================================== ================================================== ==========

    NFC East

    Washington Redskins:
    Snyder's Toys, Deadskins, Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons

    Dallas Cowboys:
    Dull-Ass Cowgirls, Cows n' Boys, Brokeback Cowboys

    Philadelphia Eagles:
    Beagles, Iggles, Seagulls (same as Seattle)

    New York Giants:
    Midgets, Giant Assholes, Not-So-Giants

    ================================================== =====

    NFC South

    Atlanta Falcons:
    Dirty Birds, Peregrines

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
    Tampon Bay Yuckaneers, Bucketoftears, Suckinqueers

    New Orleans Saints:
    Aints, Taints, Faints, Rat Bastard Sons of Bitches Who Suck Off Diseased Hogs For Crack (woo-sah...)

    Carolina Panthers:
    Ummmm...Kitty Cats...uh...Puddy, Bagheeras, psshhht...nope...nothin'

    ================================================== ====

    NFC West

    San Francisco 49ers:
    Forty Whiners, 69ers, Rice-A-Roni's

    Seattle Seahawks:
    Seagulls, Seachickens, Chickenhawks, Coffeehawks

    St. Louis Rams:
    Lambs, Ass Rams, Sheep, Goats

    Arizona Cardinals:
    Cards, Redbirds

    and finally...
    ================================================== ====

    NFC North

    Detroit Lions:
    see Buffalo Bills

    Chicago Bears:
    Barelies, Cubs, Koalas, Pandas, Pooh Bears, Teddy Bears

    Green Bay Packers:
    Pukers, Puckers, Ass-Packers, Fudgepackers, Cheeseheads, Cheesedicks, Inbreds, Sheepshaggers...feel free to add on, folks!

    Minnesota Vikings:
    The Only Team In The NFL Worth Rooting For, Sons Of Wotan, Valhalla's Finest

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