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Yup, thoooose are brutal. I remember awhile back some guy on the Niners or maybe Bengals vs Niners broke his ankle. He was a lineman & his foot was just twisted around. I forget the guys name though
That was when All-Pro NT Tim Krumrie of the Bengals broke his leg in the first quarter of Super Bowl XXIII.

It was a compound fracture just above the ankle and was just about as sickening to watch as the Theisman injury.
That was the game the Niners scored the game winning touchdown with 34 seconds left.

I remember the game and that play very well, yes it was a horrific injury....Even though not a team I liked very much, I did like Krumrie as a player very much....He was a great D lineman..

Thats also the Super Bowl when the coach went into the rookie running backs hotel room to look for him (starting running back) and found him sitting in his tub, with his crack and pipe still in hand, all geeeeked up....Very sad but true... :
Yep, that was RB Stanley Wilson.
I think he was the Bengals 3rd string RB behind Ickey Woods and James Brooks that year.
Certainly qualifies as one of the stupidest stunts ever pulled the night before the Super Bowl

I can't remember everything about him but, I thought that during the playoffs, Wilson did see alot of starting time because Ickey (loved the shuffle) and Brooks where both banged up some, Wilson was an istant star,
he played some hellova games leading up to the Super Bowl and they where going to be running him for sure in the Super Bowl..

What a way to end your career and throw away everything you've ever worked hard for in life....And to do it all on the eve of the Super Bowl.....UN Frigging Real....