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    World Bowl/NFL Europe

    Some interesting notes:

    LINK to read the full story

    Frankfurt Galaxy 22, Amsterdam Admirals 7
    LTU arena, Düsseldorf, Germany
    Attendance: 36,286

    MVP: RB Butchie Wallace

    The Frankfurt Galaxy have won an unprecedented fourth World Bowl title after downing the Amsterdam Admirals 22-7 in a hard-fought defensive battle. Amsterdam held a 7-2 half-time advantage but were shut out in the second half, while the Galaxy went from strength to strength.
    The first points of the game ensued shortly afterwards. Croom gained two yards on first down to give Amsterdam some breathing space. On second down Allen slipped as he dropped back to pass, and that gave defensive tackle Jerome Nichols (Green Bay Packers) – the 2006 NFLEL sack leader during the regular season with seven – the chance to pounce and sack the quarterback for the first safety in World Bowl history. That score meant that the first quarter ended with the Galaxy in a 2-0 lead.
    Frankfurt’s offense looked to be in neutral again until Spinner hit 6-foot-5 Aaron Hosack (with a beautifully flighted pass down the right sideline on third down for a 28-yard gain. The Minnesota Vikings-allocated receiver leapt to make the acrobatic catch at midfield. Spinner did it again two plays later, standing in the pocket despite heavy pressure to find tight end Keith Willis (Seattle Seahawks) for a 15-yard gain to Amsterdam’s 30-yard line. When the drive stalled the Galaxy called David Kimball (Oakland Raiders) into action for a 47-yard field goal, but the attempt slid wide left, leaving the game at 7-2 with 2:40 remaining in the first half.
    Frankfurt brought Wallace into the backfield on the next series to give Robinson a breather, and he started his award-winning night by carrying the ball on six consecutive plays to pick up 39 yards. The rest obviously did the trick for Robinson, who then stepped in to rip off an 18-yard run of his own to take the ball to Amsterdam’s 28-yard line. Otis then took a shot towards the endzone – aiming for Hosack, who drew a pass interference penalty from cornerback Art Thomas (Miami Dolphins). One play later Wallace bulled his way into the endzone to put the Galaxy back in front at 9-7. The touchdown capped an eight-play, 66-yard drive in which Wallace gained 25 yards.
    The game was stopped for several minutes in the fourth quarter when Amsterdam guard Michael King (New York Jets) had to be taken off the field in an ambulance after suffering a spinal injury.
    King seemed to be ok, he was moving his limbs.

    The Packers had two guy that were impressive Nichols and Bigby.

    20 Bigby, Atari S 5-11/1.80 205/94 9/19/81 Central Florida NFL/Packers
    93 Nichols, Jerome DE 6-2/1.88 298/135 5/27/80 Wake Forest NFL/Packers

    Hosack did well, not a lot of consistant passing going on. It is weird, they change QBs, they don['t stick with the same one the whole game.

    There weren't any super duper performances.

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    Re: World Bowl

    Mike Jones (Frankfurt Galaxy)

    OFFENSIVE MVP (Selected by the NFL Europe head coaches)
    Gibran Hamdan (QB, Amsterdam Admirals)

    CO-DEFENSIVE MVPs (Selected by the NFL Europe head coaches)
    Tony Brown (DT, Amsterdam Admirals)
    Philippe Gardent (LB, Cologne Centurions)

    [size=16px]ALL-NFL EUROPE LEAGUE TEAM[/size]
    (Selected by the NFLEL coaching staffs, media and by fans voting online at

    QB Gibran Hamdan (Amsterdam)
    RB Roger Robinson (Frankfurt)
    WR Skyler Fulton (Amsterdam)
    WR Chad Lucas (Amsterdam)
    WR Aaron Hosack (Frankfurt)
    TE Aaron Halterman (Rhein)
    T Will Svitek (Frankfurt)
    G Erik Pears (Cologne)
    C Tyler Lenda (Amsterdam)
    G Chad Beasley (Berlin)
    T Jeff Roehl (Amsterdam)

    DE Scott Scharff (Hamburg)
    DT Jerome Nichols (Frankfurt)
    DT Bryan Save (Cologne)
    DE Derrick Strong (Rhein)
    LB Terrence Robinson (Rhein)
    LB Derrick Ballard (Amsterdam)
    LB Philippe Gardent (Cologne)
    CB Rayshun Reed (Hamburg)
    S Brandon Haw (Frankfurt)
    S Anthony Floyd (Berlin)
    CB Ronyell Whitaker (Rhein)

    Special Teams
    Nat. Scott McCready (Hamburg) * Nat. Christian Mohr (Berlin) **
    K Ryan Killeen (Amsterdam) P Gabe Lindstrom (Cologne)
    ST Noriaki Kinoshita (Amsterdam)

    (Nat – National player; ST – Special Teams player)
    * Selected in 2002, 2004, 2005
    ** Selected in 2005

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    Re: World Bowl

    This give you an idea what these guys trying to make it into the NFL go through in NFLE.

    Man, even if they don't make it to the NFL, it would be an experience to just participate and take in the culture, not that they have a lot of time. Atleast they must have some time to enjoy a few good German Beers.

    Jared Allen diary: We have all grown

    Every week, one NFL Europe player will contribute a diary for about how the season has gone so far and the upcoming matchup. And as NFL Europe has reached the end of the regular season with World Bowl XIV coming up, Amsterdam quarterback Jared Allen shares his thoughts on becoming the starting quarterback just three weeks ago and how the team chemistry remains strong.

    DÜSSELDORF, Germany (May 25, 2006) -- Greetings from Düsseldorf, Germany! This is Jared Allen from the Amsterdam Admirals giving everyone an insight into my experience in NFL Europe. Well, I started my NFL Europe experience on the right note. I left training camp after a week to fly home to Oklahoma for my wedding. The whole experience of flying back and forth was crazy and yet very exciting. My wife, Brynn, and I have enjoyed our first three months of marriage in Europe.

    When the Buccaneers told me that I was being allocated to Europe I was very thrilled at the opportunity to improve as a quarterback. As for any position, this league is great for getting players the much needed reps, and for a quarterback it is essential. This year has been an awesome experience in so many different ways. Our team is filled with great people all around. I have made life long friendships with teammates and met some amazing fans that I might never see again. Speaking of our fans, they are unbelievably loyal and supportive and without a doubt we have the best fans in the league!

    Being under a great person and player such as Gibran Hamdan, he has taught me a great deal about how to approach the game of football. Yes, we are here because we want to further our careers and make a team back home, however, having fun and cherishing the relationships is just as important. You never know if the next play will be your last or if you will make a team when you go back to the states, so cherish what you have and the opportunities you are given.

    Speaking of Gibran, his injury thrust our team into a new direction. We had the best offense and Gibran, offensive MVP, was playing great. At the time I was playing the second quarter every other week. Reggie Robertson and I would rotate weekly. Any time a team loses a quarterback it is a tough transition. There is a chemistry that a starter has with his offense that is hard to explain. For me, my job was to continue and create a new chemistry with offense. It can take a few games, which it has, since I became the starter vs. Cologne in Week 8. We have been improving with each game and our confidence is growing as an offensive unit. Our coaches and players handled the situation with Gibran well, and they stood behind me as I grew each week.

    This week has been a very eventful week. There have been team activities and dinners, which make it none other than a championship week! We had dinner in downtown Düsseldorf at the city hall with the Frankfurt team on Tuesday night. Next we have another dinner and a bowling event. The competition starts before Saturday, only it's bowling and not football, and there is prize money to be won. Throughout the activities our team has remained focused on the game and we are ready to play. I think the coaches have done a great job of preparing us for the game this week.

    The opportunity to play football in Europe has been well worth it. I have learned so much on and off the field and have made friendships that will last long after this season is finished. My wife also enjoyed her time in Holland and is grateful we spent the first three months of our marriage in Europe.

    God Bless,
    Jared Allen

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