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    Wilson Fighting to Keep Bills in WNY, But No Promises

    [size=18px]Wilson Fighting to Keep Bills in WNY, But No Promises[/size]

    April 10, 2006 06:55 PM CDT

    (April 10, 2006) - - The Buffalo Bills franchise could be in trouble sooner than earlier thought. It's some heavyweight political football, and everyone's playing for keeps. News 4's Barbara Pinson reports Ralph Wilson is backing away from his promise to keep the Bills in Buffalo as long as he owns the team.

    Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson says the NFL's collective bargaining agreement could choke the life right out of the Buffalo Bills franchise.

    That's why local leaders are joining the fight.

    Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said, "If we are going to be able to preserve small-market teams like our beloved Bills here in buffalo, [then] something needs to be done in terms of the collective bargaining agreement."

    We told you Sunday about Senator Chuck Schumer's vow to call NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

    He made that call Monday, and says both men agreed on the importance of keeping the Bills in town.

    They're supposed to meet soon.

    Wilson dropped a bombshell Sunday, saying that he can no longer guarantee the Bills' future.

    Wilson said, "I'm making no promises. ... This has changed everything."

    Indianapolis Colts general manager and former Bills GM Bill Polian said, "The way it's going to work out over time, those are things that are unknown right now, and the small-market clubs are really concerned about that, and rightly so."

    Polian agrees the labor deal will put huge financial challenges on other small-revenue franchises.

    But, so far, only the Bills' future is being questioned.

    Like Wilson, Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown voted against the collective bargaining agreement. (Wilson and Brown were the only two of the league's 30 owners to do so.)

    But, since then, he says it's water over the dam, and that he will find a way to move forward.

    As for the Minnesota Vikings, owner Zygi Wilf says his franchise is losing money.

    But there's not much worry around Minneapolis, perhaps because Wilf has an ownership group that's filling some of the financial void.

    As for the Buffalo Bills, Congressman Brian Higgins and Erie County Executive Joel Giambra sent letters to NFL Commissioner Tagliabue on Monday, also pushing for provisions to ensure the Bills stay here in Western New York.

    Wilson Fighting to Keep Bills in WNY, But No Promises

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    Re: Wilson Fighting to Keep Bills in WNY, But No Promises

    Have you read today's PFT? "And because the question of whether the team will get a new stadium in Minnesota is still up in the air, the fact that the organization is spending more money than it is earning will make the team a candidate to be the franchise that gets into a new stadium . . . in Los Angeles."

    - sorry, I'm still HTML retarted, but you get the idea.

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