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    Re: Will they or won't they....

    Quote Originally Posted by "vikinggreg" #1091398
    Quote Originally Posted by "midgensa" #1091388
    Quote Originally Posted by "dfosterf" #1091387
    NFP- NFL releases latest proposal it made to the the union

    That was an extraordinarily fair offer.

    I swear I wish the owners would re-start any future negotiations with any un-signed player at minimum wage and make that player, his agent and his friggin' lawyer have to absolutely break their collective asses to squeeze every single GD nickel out from that position.
    Well it definitely APPEARS to be a fair offer ... but that is what they are SAYING they proposed and there is still a lot of gray in there.

    Though I am shocked that they flat said they would scrap the 18-game season for at least the next two seasons. It APPEARS that a lot of the language in there is building for a 18-game season three years down the road, and under this agreement the players would be locked into it.

    Also ... it does not address the key ingredient I think the players want ... open books. Not to the public, not to reporters, etc. ... but to the players right now for the past decade so they can see that the owners are indeed "hurting"
    Well it appears from some of the things I've read the league has come to several concessions and made a fairer offer (especially with an un-named owner saying heís happy the players didnít except it). While it may have needed some more ironing out before being finalized it did open the door more so to an extension to talks rather than walking away.

    Now it appears Smith is more interested in grinding the league on 3 points, first it was the league that opted out of the CBA early and the second being the leagueís deal with the networks was in bad faith and he wants the books opened more on some vendetta by pursuing litigation in the courts rather than moving on with talks with a mediator. And lastly weíre righteous and their greedy dishonest, Iíve heard some rumbling that the PA might want to show some of the owners have paid family members 6 figures for picking people up at the airport (now that shows how cheap the Vikings are by using Childress to fill this roll) and other possible frivolous spending (Jerry Jones plastic surgery, Al Davisís expenses on purchasing virgin souls and Tom Bensonís spending on parasols and Marti Graz beads)
    Actually had me laughing out loud....


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    Re: Will they or won't they....

    Now if players can't have contact with the team, does that mean that GBs celebration 'Meths and pork knuckles' evening where the players get their SB rings can't go ahead?
    That the only bonus I can see with all the lockout etc, if it drags on and into the season the a lot of people won't be interested in football and the Packers won't be getting too much media coverage - result !:woohoo:
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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