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Thread: Wiggins To Jax

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    Wiggins To Jax

    I did a search for wiggins and nothing came up. So.

    Jaguars | Wiggins contract update
    Fri, 23 Mar 2007 08:44:38 -0700

    Vito Stellino, of the Florida Times-Union, reports the Jacksonville Jaguars agreed to terms with free agent TE Jermaine Wiggins (Vikings) on a one-year deal worth slightly less than $1 million.

    That really sucks, he is definatly worth 1 mil for 1 year that is chump change in the nfl. even as our 3rd tight end someone could still go down and we like to use 2. Tice must have done some convincing(thats probably bad for my argument.)

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    Re: Wiggins To Jax

    "God has blessed me tremendously. I'd be a fool to complain."
    "From what I understand, the coaches will put the best 11 on the field."
    -Tyrell Johnson

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    Re: Wiggins To Jax

    "vikes_4_life_42" wrote:
    way to moderate dog! or is it dogget?
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    Re: Wiggins To Jax

    We're bringing purple back.

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