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    Re: Why are we forced to watch the Lions every Thanksgiving?

    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    Although I will agree that this year's Detroit game was a joke, I don't know what I think about them losing it.
    The Thanksgiving Classic has been played in Detroit since 1934, missing only a total of 5 games from 39-44 (due to WWII in 41-44, and Roosevelt in 39 and 40 - see below)

    FYI, here are some interesting facts I found regarding the game form

    * The AFC has never hosted a NFL Thanksgiving classic (although before the merger there was an AFL game as well)
    * Until 2007, there were only two games - one hosted by Dallas, one by Detroit.
    Now there is a third Thanksgiving game that rotates, but is still hosted by an NFL team.
    * There is always one NFC-NFC match up, and one AFC-NFC match up on broadcast television, to satisfy television contracts.
    The game on NFLN can be with AFC-NFC or NFC-NFC (it was Indy at Atl in 2007, and Arz at Philly in 2008)

    * The first owner of the Lions, G.A. Richards, started the tradition of the Thanksgiving Day game as a gimmick to get people to go to Lions football games
    * It is widely rumored that the Cowboys sought a guarantee that they would regularly host Thanksgiving games as a condition of their very first one
    * In 1939 and 1940, during the Franksgiving controversy, the only two teams to play the game were the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles, as both teams were in the same state (Pennsylvania); at the time, then-president Franklin Roosevelt wanted to move the holiday purely for economic reasons and many states were resistant to the move, which would have complicated scheduling for the game.
    * In the 1976 Thanksgiving matchup between the Lions and the Buffalo Bills, the Bills put forth at the same time one of the best and the worst performances in Thanksgiving history. On the positive side, running back O. J. Simpson set the league record for most rushing yards in a single game, with 273. However, Simpson achieved this feat due in large part to the fact that the Bills' backup quarterback, Gary Marangi, gained only 29 yards passing and completed only 4 out of 21 passes, in addition to throwing an interception affording a passer rating of 19.7. Despite Simpson's record-setting performance, the Bills lost the game, 27-14.
    * In 1993, the Cowboys led the Dolphins 14-13 with just seconds remaining in a snow-filled Texas Stadium. Miami's Pete Stoyanovich attempted a game winning 40 yard field goal that was blocked by the Cowboys' Jimmie Jones. slick willy Enberg of NBC proclaimed "The Cowboys will win." However, Cowboys defensive lineman Leon Lett chased the ball and touched it, giving the Dolphins a chance to regain possession, and then kick a much shorter field goal to take an improbable 16-14 victory.
    * In 1998, the Steelers and Lions went to overtime. Pittsburgh's Jerome Bettis called the coin toss in the air, but confusion surrounded the call. The officials misheard Pittsburgh's call and awarded Detroit the ball. As a result of the fiasco, team captains are now required to call the coin toss before the coin is tossed.
    Umm, I'll call shenanigans on the two above bolded parts...I believe the first-ever NFLN game was Thanksgiving 2006, which featured a Denver @ KC night game on NFLN.

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    Re: Why are we forced to watch the Lions every Thanksgiving?

    Don't go rocking the boat now & suggesting they replace the teams for the tradition, for ad sure as you are born, they will swap the Lions for the Packers every year.

    As if GB doesn't get enough prime-time games as it is.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Why are we forced to watch the Lions every Thanksgiving?

    "UffDaVikes" wrote:
    I could care less really. They have so little else I don't see a problem with letting them have this. I also don't hear anybody having a problem with the Cowboys having their game every thanksgiving so if anything they should give their slot up too. IMO keep it like it is, we already have the night game that gets a different pair of teams every year now.
    Even though alot of fans can't stand the Cowboys they are at least competitive every year.PLus I think teh networks, fans and advitisers would care if they lost the Dalla sgame, not sure anyone woudl if they lost teh Detroit game

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