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    Re: Who's going to finish last in the NFL?

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    NFC North: Chicago Bores - Old Defense that can't stay healthy.
    R and L Tackle that can't stay healthy
    NFC South: Tampa Bay Buccaneers - New HC.
    Alot of new players.
    NFC West: They all suck - Pick one.
    Cardinals just because they lost the SB.
    NFC East: Dallas Cowboys - Romo shows his true colors this year. (Honorable mention - Deadskins)

    AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals - Makes me sad to say it.
    AFC South: Jacksonville Jaguars - Honorable mention, Titans.
    Collins can't reproduce last year and VY again fails as a starter.
    AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs - Still to young of a team that is still being rebuilt.
    AFC East: Buffalo Bills - TO tears another team apart.
    Lions - they are the Lions and still draft very stupidly...
    Bucs - purged too many people
    Rams - O-line still a question mark as well as the defense
    Redskins - tough division... cowboys could also implode

    Browns - No Qb, wr that drops too many and an abrasive coach
    Jags - still no WR really.. and Del Rio looses his job.. very competitive division... jags go 9-7 or 8-8
    Chiefs - very young team still with a rookie coach... Raiders on on their heels winning one more game than them
    Jets - rookie QB and coach.. they take a step back before they go forward... Bills are on 2nd to bottom

    worst team in the league will still be the chiefs.. Cassell implodes and proves he's not the QB they thought he was......

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    Re: Who's going to finish last in the NFL?

    AFC North: Bengals
    AFC South: Jags
    AFC East: Jets
    AFC West: is this even a question the raiders

    NFC North: Lions may be somewhat better maybe to status of OK
    NFC South: Hard to say cuz all teams are nice
    NFC west: god awful rams
    NFC East: Skins

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