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    Re: Whos the best NFL Player ever?

    obviously i haven't seen everyone in the history of the nfl play.
    but for what he accomplished in my time i'd say elway.
    there was a reason the first 3 teams he took to the super bowl got destroyed, cuz they had no business being there.
    his defenses were mediocre at best, no special wrs, no special running backs and still went 3 times.
    then he got a run game and won back to back super bowls.
    went out a champ, and i think he gets overlooked cuz of the marino, montana, young, aikman, farve.
    great comebacks with the game on the line, alot of times looking as though he was doing it himself.
    if you go by having to take one player 1st overall he had it all, and proved it playing the most important position on the field.
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    Re: Whos the best NFL Player ever?

    Johnny Unitas.


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    Re: Whos the best NFL Player ever?

    It's hard in the NFL because the positions are so much different wheras in sports like hockey or basketball it's much easier to compare individual players. That is what makes football, in my opinion, the greatest sport ever invented. It's almost impossible to find a player that stands alone as "the best" due to the fact that each position is so vastly different, yet equally important.

    I would say Jerry Rice is the greatest player of all time and statistically and in play he stands alone as the best WR ever. But you have to take into consideration that he had Joe Montana and Steve Young throwing to him, two of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever play the game. It's really hard to gauge.

    I think we will be having this discussion a few years down the road with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady both being in the mix. Peyton still has another Super Bowl run in the tank and Brady will be a SB contender for at least the next few years judging by the current Patriots team.

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    Re: Whos the best NFL Player ever?

    Too hard to say because there are so many different positions, but if I had to choose one to build a franchise around it would have to be a QB like Elway or Montana (*both benefited from great coaches too).
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    Re: Whos the best NFL Player ever?

    Deacon Jones

    Just ask him

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    Re: Whos the best NFL Player ever?

    Montana would be up there.
    So would Sweetness and Barry Sanders.

    I'm biased, so I have to put Cris Carter in that list somewhere..
    At least one of the best WRs ever, behind Rice.
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    Re: Whos the best NFL Player ever?

    Alfred Anderson

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    Re: Whos the best NFL Player ever?

    This obviously is a tough one because all positions require different things from their players. I mean the ones that immediately come to mind are Montana, Rice, Jim Brown, Deacon Jones and Lawrence Taylor. I really think I would have to break it down among those five players because as great as some others are ... these guys seem to be the most dominant at their positions and of their time.
    Every time I look at the numbers and the era I end up stuck on Jim Brown. This guy simply was the greatest. Everyone always talks about "if Barry had not retired early, blah, blah, blah" ... but those same people fail to remember that Jim Brown also retired early and it was not because he was a whiner over a contract and where he was playing, but because he was taking a stand for the way African-Americans were treated in the NFL and in society as a whole.
    Brown played 9 season and NEVER missed a game. He made 9 Pro Bowls (that is 100 percent folks) and he was an EIGHT time all-pro.
    His record of 12,312 for a career stood for 18 seasons and when Payton broke it he had played 19 games more than Brown. Nearly 50 years later he is STILL the only running back EVER to average more than 100 yards per game (104.3) and in an era where scoring is up and TDs are much more prevalent, he still is 8th All-Time in career scores at 126. There is no doubt that if he had played another four years (which he easily could have) he could have added 5,500 yards to his total and added 35 more TDs at least.
    Jim Brown is still the measuring stick ... and he might always be.

    P.S. He also won a world title in Cleveland. FRICKIN CLEVELAND!

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    Re: Whos the best NFL Player ever?

    Red Grange certainly should be mentioned. It was his play that helped bring professional football into the mainstream & becoming a popular sport.

    The "best" isn't always about records, but also about what a person has done for, has changed or influenced the NFL sport as a whole.

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    Re: Whos the best NFL Player ever?

    This one

    El underdog.

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