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    Re: Who do you hate the most?

    Smith and Robinson were simply cases of guys not thinking things through to the next logical step.
    As far as I'm concerned, they short circuited themselves and aren't deserving of my "hate"...just my pity.
    Further, neither of these players elected to leave, they were cut.

    Moss, as maligned as he is, was on my "hit list" for a year or two but seemed to have straightened out and was moving forward.
    I guess I sort of understood the frustration he felt - and acted out on - because I felt it too watching season after season pass by without a significant improvement to our Defense.
    I blame Red *pokes puppys* McCombs for that situation far more than I ever will blame Randy.
    When the Moss trade happened, and the house of cards that was our team came crashing down, I think everyone realized at that moment who the real problems were...and it wasn't Moss.
    Moss didn't want to leve, McCombs traded him to be spiteful.

    Which is why I voted for Culpepper.
    The guy's career since the Moss trade is a comedy.
    He still acts like he made Moss - even though everyone can plainly see the opposite is true.
    I laugh every time I see another team might be "interested" in him because I can't see how any team who has watched film on him for the past 3 years could be so stupid.
    His big season came in Moss' final year in Minnesota, and the very next year - without Moss and being the undisputed "leader" - he was on pace to throw more INT's then ever (12 in 7 games, on pace for 27.5) and fewer TD's (6 in 7 games, on pace for 13.7, his lowest total since 2001 when he threw just 14).
    Then, mercifully, he blew out his knee.

    His completion percentage is high, and he gets a lot of yards, but he's not a guy that can win you games.
    He's not a good pressure player.
    But he seems to think that his 39 TD 2004 season grants him some kind of elite status.
    Tom Brady had no significant receivers last season and still managed to toss up 24 TD's to his 12 INT's.
    Most telling is the fact taht regardless of who his receivers are, Brady's numbers don't fluctuate all that much.
    He's merely consitantly good.
    Culpepper has NEVER been consistant, and he's no longer that good.

    So, after the brough-ha-ha that sent him packing from Minnesota, he's the former Viking player that I think the least of.

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    Re: Who do you hate the most?

    I cannot believe the lack of votes for Onterrio Smith. The guy had potential to be a 1,400 yard back and complete crapped it away with drugs.

    sounds like Ricky Williams

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    Re: Who do you hate the most?

    ok i change it to Steve Hutchinson..

    i mean we blew a Posion pill on a Freaking Lineman... we couldve got something special wit that Posion pill an who does minnesota use ti on... Steve "Sweetballs" Hutchinson... shit we couldve got Reggie Wayne or another good WR

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    Re: Who do you hate the most?

    You should've stuck with Jackson.
    At least there you might have had an argument.
    Hutchinson was and is dollar for dollar and pound for pound the best guard out there.

    Please try again.

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