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    Where might Keyshawn Land?

    [size=13pt]Where might Keyshawn Land?[/size]

    By Eric Rose, 5/22/07

    ...Not yet showing, but most likely interested, are the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikes have not had a solid receiver since the departure of Randy Moss.
    The addition of Keyshawn Johnson could be that receiver. Although the Vikings do have good young receivers in Sidney Rice and Troy Williamson (there is still hope), it is the veteran leadership that they are lacking.
    Johnson might be the answer that Tavaris Jackson.
    He could provide the go-to leadership that the Vikings are looking for- if they’re willing to spend the money...

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    Re: Where might Keyshawn Land?

    This might be hard for some, however, lets look at this with some facts behind were he might land.
    I put them in the order of most probable/likely/need.

    I used ESPN roster data as well as CAP info date 2 Mar from AsktheCommish.

    Raiders - $6.275 M under the CAP.
    Still have to sign rookies and just let a high priced prima dona WR go.
    They have experience with Porter, Whitted, Curry, Gabrial Parson, Williams (probably think he will fill Randy's shoes) and Francis along with 4 rooks they will probably let see some action. Can't see them signing Meyshawn.
    They can use their money for other pressing needs.

    Seahawks - $14.6985 M under the CAP. Currently they have experienced WR of Branch, Burleson, Engram, Hackett with young guys like Kent, Obomanu, Taylor that they need to get reps.
    Don't really see a need there.

    Green Bay -$21.7 M Under the CAP. Driver, Ferguson, Robinson have lots of experience with Holiday and Martin with 1 and 2 years respectfully.
    Then they have a butt load of rooks rounding out their WR cast which is probably what has Favreeeeee worried. Bodiford/Brewster/Clowney/Francies/Jennings/Jones/Russell).
    They do have the CAP, Favreeeee is whining however, I don't think Meeeshawn would make this his first choice because of the whole "Go to a winner" thing.
    GB is not close to going to the SB, nor with Meeeeshawn get them there.
    If GB is the only team to offer him the $$$ he might go here.

    Vikings - $28.6855 M Under the CAP.
    With Hymes the elder statesmen here with 5 yrs, Hankton, McMullen, Wade with 4, Williamson with 2 unproductive years and some really good talent for rooks/2nd year guys like Allison, Carter, Nance, Rice, Williams I believe IMHO that we aren't as bad off as most naysayers keep spouting off about.
    Do we have the CAP room to sign him to a incentive laden 2-3 year contract (yes), could we use somebody with his skills and experience (yes), would he fit the WCO scheme (yes).
    Early indications from TC are that Troy is still dropping balls.
    I guess the deciding factor will be about his attitude.
    He has toned it down a bit while at NC, however, is it enough to convince the Vikes org (notice I didn't say B-chill) that he would be a team kindof guy?
    We will have to wait and see if someone else steps up early in camps to alleviate the concern over another possesion type guy that TJ can throw to.
    He could be a good fit here if a contract that would be agreeable to all could be worked out and if Meeeshawn thinks the Vikes are close enough to win during the life of that contract. (I can't believe I talked myself into typing that).

    Tennessee - $18.49 M under the CAP.
    Not alot of experience at the WR pos with the exception of Givens and Gage.
    Jones, Roby and Wiliams have 2 years and Davins, Filani, Orr, Ross, Williams are Rooks.
    I think they really didn't think anyone was gonna sign Wade during the FA and might feel they have a whole there.
    Problem is Meeeshawn will probably want to go where he can win in a couple of years.
    The Titans did show alot of potential last year.
    He could be a fit here.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Where might Keyshawn Land?

    Good post Marr

    didnt Childress say that he doesn't think he has much left? I wouldnt be opposed to this if, and only if his attitude did not come along.

    Thanks josdin00

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