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    What Seahawks Fans Are Saying...

    Seahawks Huddle Post Game Thread

    Can be fun to look at what they are saying on the other side of this Tarvaris situation.

    Some quotes...

    jesus mcnabb is throwing some lasers
    You win WITH Chuckles, not BECAUSE of Chuckles....You can WIN BECAUSE of TJack, you can LOSE BECAUSE of TJack, but at least you don't need the rest of the team to CARRY TJack like you DO with Chuckles...
    Some delustional fan...

    How do you control the ball for 90% of the first half and not come away with a score?? Thank you Tarvaris.
    TJ should have never been named the starter, they should allow them to compete for that job.
    PC looks stupid for saying that !
    T Joke looked like he had a hand grenade with the pin pulled in his hand again !
    TJ was under pressure and made some nice scambles but so did Portis under the same circumstances and Portis has a stronger arm then TJ.
    The only guy that showed any poise was CW.
    I am NOT here to provide good football insight or rational observations. I am an emotional 19 year old Viking fan and I expect you to adjust your expectations from my posts.

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    Re: What Seahawks Fans Are Saying...

    Chuckles being??.. Whitehurst??.:huh:

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    Re: What Seahawks Fans Are Saying...

    Best comment:
    Which one of these quarterbacks runs to their left the fastest? Go with that one!

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